Africa's Deadliest

2015 • Nat Geo Wild
12 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (3)

1 Giant Killers
There is no peace in Africa for nature’s giant killers. Hippo, elephant, buffalo and others battle it out to become Africa’s deadliest. If they’re not being targeted by gangs of lions, hyenas or other predators, then they’re fighting amongst themselves. Sometimes offense is their best defense, and then there’s nothing more terrifying than watching an enormous peace-loving animal turn on the temper. There will be blood.
2 Ganglands
You want to up the odds of success, up the numbers. The more attackers there are, the better their chances and the bigger the prey. A single lion can’t take on a giraffe, but a pride will pull it down. A wild dog has no chance against a wildebeest, but a pack will rip it apart. Watch out for any hungry gang when they have their eyes set on a target. These are the animals that thirst for blood in a group. These are Africa’s gang killers.
3 Cat Attack
Lions get most of the attention but there are many cats that kill. Their size, camouflage and hunting strategy may vary but they’re all deadly. You’d think there is nothing more exciting than watching a pride of lions moving in for the kill but there are others just as fascinating, agile and dangerous. In the quiet of the night no prey will hear them coming. Beware of getting stalked by Africa’s Deadliest Cats.

About this show

Over time, evolution favored the strongest, the quickest, the boldest and the clever. But now and again, the pattern throws up the unexpected and the bizarre. Prepare yourself for a journey into the world of Africa’s Deadliest.

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12 reviews
Darren Hurfman
January 29, 2020
I love it
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