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Season 1 episodes (17)

1 Happily Ever Arranged?
Three American couples from very different backgrounds prepare for their arranged marriages. Christian and Maria, a teenage Gypsy couple from New York, are alone for the first time at their wedding. Will they even like each other?
2 Meet Your Monster In-Laws
It's scary marrying someone you barely know, but then you meet the in-laws! Maria moves in with Christian and his Gypsy family. Southern Belle Meghan faces being upstaged at her own dream wedding.
3 The Honeymoon Is Over
As their wedding marathon begins, Ragini has second thoughts and questions her arrangement with Veeral. Maria and Christian have their first big fight. Afterward Maria disappears leaving Christian terrified she's gone for good. Meghan moves in with Josh, but with his brother and pet snake as roommates, she comes to the conclusion that her southern dreams are far from realized.
4 Paying the Price
Christian and Maria's arranged marriage may be over when she is nowhere to be found. Meghan and Josh face some harsh financial home truths, while Ragini's broken leg and Veeral's tardiness threaten to derail their lavish Indian wedding.
5 And Baby Makes Three?
Veeral's upset that Ragini's already reconsidering her wedding vows, Christian and Maria prepare for impending parenthood with a hellish dry-run and Meghan and Josh get the shock of their lives when they discover waiting for kids may no longer be an option.
6 Secrets Revealed
Meghan and Josh's big baby news sends Meghan down a destructive path. Frustrated by the constant fighting, Ragini pushes Veeral into couple's therapy, which leads to a shocking revelation. After Christian's half-hearted attempt to have fun with Maria, she questions whether or not he'll ever change and if their marriage can be saved.
7 It's Me or Your Family!
Christian explodes when confronted about his treatment of Maria and brother Peter is shocked to find out he's next in line to be arranged. Meghan struggles to stand-up for herself when her picky mother-in-law pays a surprise visit and Ragini battles Veeral when his parents push moving in.
8 Under Pressure
Veeral tries to railroad Ragini into taking his name at an emotionally charged marriage ceremony. Meghan reaches her breaking point with her monster-in-law Lisa's criticizing ways.
9 The Couples Meet
Veeral's sister, Payel, hosts a special dinner party that brings all three Arranged couples together for the very first time. The night quickly escalates into an intense exchange of confrontations and shocking revelations.
10 Re-Arranged
Shocking never before seen footage and fresh revelations from of our Arranged couples and their families. From Christian and Maria's first ever alone time after their wedding, to the extreme lengths Ragini's parents went to, to find her a husband. Nina weighs-in on the social media backlash surrounding her son's treatment of Maria.
11 Did I Marry A Monster?
With his parents in tow, Meghan and Josh's big move to Indianapolis turns into a road-trip from hell when they have a run-in with the law. Christian's refusal to allow Maria to have her own money leads to a shocking showdown.
12 Judgment Days
Christian faces off against the Gypsy Council in a last-ditch effort to save his marriage. Josh begins his medical residency and soon discovers that being married to his job leaves Meghan feeling neglected.
13 Old Habits Die Hard
On a family trip to the Jersey Shore, Christian struggles to adapt to Maria's newfound independence while a soon to be arranged Peter breaks with tradition by flirting with non-gypsy girls.
14 Secrets, Surprises & Lies
Josh is shocked to discover that Meghan stopped taking birth control. Ragini and Veeral's long-awaited honeymoon gets off to a rocky start when Veeral invites his family to Mexico.
15 The Party's Over
Jealousy spoils Meghan's dinner party when Josh gets suspicious of her new friend from work. Peter's forbidden relationship finally catches up with him leading to an explosive confrontation with Nina.
16 Who's Pregnant?
Meghan decides to take a break from Josh. Christian and Maria's 1st anniversary party causes conflict for Peter. Ragini gets the results of her fertility test and one couple gets the surprise of a lifetime when they discover they're pregnant.
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About this show

Over their first 6 months of marriage, we'll follow 3 relatable couples as they navigate the rocky road from wedding day to married bliss under the microscope of our cameras - and their opinionated families! From dynastic Southern Belles to New York Roma and Texan Indians, we'll be there for the honeymoon, the first fight over the toilet seat and everything in between. Like the comedic `When Harry Met Sally,' expert takeaway will provide added insights to the real life drama of traditional coupling in the 21st Century. Would you trust your family to set you up?

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112 reviews
Sarah Hanley
September 3, 2016
I loved the first season. There was something about all of the people on the show that I could identify with, or personality traits I liked or found humorous. I loved the parents of the couples. They were fun and had a lot of great commentary. With the second season, I feel like I can't get into it. The young Jewish couple are cute, but I am more interested in learning about their Orthodox customs then them. The Texas couple drives me insane (along with their families), and Taylor's totally out of touch attitude is just way over the top. There is nothing about the Indian couple I can even remotely connect with. He is so self-absorbed in work, and she seems like she has no backbone or life. Does she do anything interesting outside of appearing on the show to talk about her husband? Give us a glimpse! At least they are more mature and have something to offer the 30+ viewers. I need couples like the first season that are more interesting and likable overall, and make you want to root for them. I think finding couples with equally intriguing families/parents would have made this season more fun. Their involvement in season 1, was what gave it a little more depth, I think.
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Michela Hardin
May 13, 2015
I love this new spin on marriage but I don't like that Christian walks all over Maria. He acts like a spoiled child who has never had an inkling of responsibility thrust upon him. He was so not ready for a marriage commitment.
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Diana Agnew
May 13, 2015
I find Rhoda's show extremely insightful! It's a wonderful view of what really is happening with purge cultures. I myself camper wait till following weeks to enjoy more of it!!
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