The Pacific

2010 • HBO
521 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Part One
In the aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Marine Sgt. John Basilone prepares to ship out, while budding journalist Robert Leckie enlists as a Marine. Eugene Sledge, unable to enlist due to a heart murmur, says farewell to his best friend.
2 Part Two
Basilone and the 7th Marines arrive on Guadalcanal to reinforce Leckie and the rest of the 1st Marine Division as they defend the crucial airstrip. Basilone plays a key role in repelling a nighttime Japanese attack, but suffers a frightful loss.
3 Part Three
Debilitated after Guadalcanal, Leckie, Basilone and their comrades land in Melbourne, where they are greeted by adoring crowds. Meanwhile, Basilone is awarded the Medal of Honor and is asked to return home to help sell U.S. war bonds.
4 Part Four
Sledge trains for combat at Camp Elliott. The 1st Marine Division lands at Cape Gloucester on the Japanese-held island of New Britain. Later, while stationed on the island of Pavuvu, Leckie begins displaying the physical and mental effects of combat.
5 Part Five
Basilone's celebrity grows as he goes cross-country on the war bonds tour. On Pavuvu, Sledge is briefly reunited with Phillips and Leckie. Sledge then gets his first taste of combat as 1st Marine Division meet fierce Japanese resistance on Peleliu.
6 Part Six
Despite the suffocating heat and a lack of clean water, Sledge, Leckie and other Marines confront the highly-fortified enemy as they attempt to capture the Peleliu airfield. Sledge witnesses the shocking truth about what is sometimes required to survive.
7 Part Seven
The Marines continue the battle of Peleliu against an enemy determined to fight to the last man. Devastated by the loss of a revered leader, and witnessing unimaginable barbarity on both sides, Sledge veers to the very edge of moral collapse.
8 Part Eight
An increasingly frustrated Basilone convinces the Marines to allow him to train troops headed for combat. Transferred to Camp Pendleton, he enjoys a whirlwind romance with an initially reluctant female Marine.
9 Part Nine
After battling on Okinawa for over a month, Sledge and the rest of the 1st Marine Division are ordered to relieve an Army division that has been in combat against the most strongly defended Japanese position on the island.
10 Part Ten
(Miniseries Finale). After the Japanese surrender, Leckie and Sledge return home and attempt to adjust to life after war. Meanwhile, Lena visits Basilone's home and has an emotional meeting with his family.

About this show

From the producers of the Emmy(R) and Golden Globe(R)-winning 2001 HBO miniseries 'Band of Brothers'(R) comes this epic 10-part miniseries that tells the true stories of three Marines fighting in the brutal Pacific theater during WWII.
521 reviews
United States Marine corps
July 7, 2019
I Cant believe this was based of real life I wish Eugene Sledge was still alive so I can tell him that I like the book heute made of the island hh fought there it was really cool to read I have the book too I also love that Joe masselo the guy who plays in Jurassic park AS Timmy plays AS eugene Sledge
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Rick Bucich
June 18, 2014
I was turned on to this by a Navy frog man (pre Navy Seal) from WWII who fought in some of the campaigns portrayed. He said it was accurate, that's good enough for me. Some rather extreme violence but why sugar coat the authenticity.
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Shaun Best
March 17, 2015
I am such a huge fan of Band of Brothers. While this wasn't quite as good, the stories of these soldiers fighting in the Pacific Theater was well worth the day I lost watching all 10 episodes!
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