The Boonies

2016 • National Geographic Channel
14 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Middle of Nowhere
In today’s technology-driven world, those looking to escape society must go where no one else thinks to look. From underground caves in Arkansas to the mountaintops of Idaho, some go to extreme lengths and places, redefining “off the grid.”
2 Finders Keepers
On the edge of the world, even the most solitary must rely on a few trusted allies to endure. For those who choose this life, a little help can go a long way.
3 Into the Abyss
For some, finding peace of mind means hiding out where no one else thinks to look…but that solitude can come at a high cost. Those who choose to live outside the grid must adapt to a constant barrage of obstacles. They must find a means to overcome, or find themselves without the resources to endure.
4 Blood and Sweat
Life off the grid provides freedom, but that independence doesn’t come easy. Whether it’s finding food, stocking the medicine cabinet, or battling the elements, life in the Boonies requires a daily dose of sweat and blood.
5 No Rest for the Weary
For those choosing to live a life of solitude, there’s always work to be done. Whether it’s protecting your home from intruders or preparing for Mother Nature’s worst, every day presents a new challenge to tackle.
6 Blood, Sweat, and Deer
Outside the grid, nothing is given and everything must be earned. One’s existence is built from the ground up with two hands, blood, and sweat. The work is hard, but for those who choose this path, a job well done means a life well lived.
7 Worst Case Scenario
Far from the modern world, the forces of nature present dire challenges. During a severe drought, Bear Claw struggles to find water. A small earthquake transforms Joe Ray’s underground home and he must find a new path to daylight. Doc and Jeanny Leverett grapple with wildfires burning dangerously close to their tree house, and Dan Burton searches for a friend adrift somewhere on Lake Michigan.
8 Beyond the Comfort Zone
As temperatures drop, those outside the grid prepare for the toughest time of year. Joe Ray makes his annual visit to town to stockpile winter resources. Doc and Jeanny Leverett prepare for indoor confinement for Jeanny due to a rare allergy to the cold. Bear Claw heads for the protection of his winter camp. Dan Burton is on a mission to fill his freezer to help his family make it through the winter.

About this show

A collection of unique individuals are re-defining "off the grid" by hiding out where no one thinks to look - in trees and caves, on remote islands and mountaintops. Welcome to the Boonies.

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14 reviews
Lucas Bord
February 6, 2016
It's ok.
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Jonas Bond
May 1, 2016
I love this show, great, love the people's lives and seeing through them, like Mick Dodge! I hope for season 2 soon!
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Jamie Willey
February 8, 2016
This show has a little bit of everything "survival" that we love. Highly recommended!
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