Saving Grace

2007 • TNT
113 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 Pilot
Grace and the cops investigate the disappearance of a missing child, targeting a troubled high school student. Grace meets her last chance angel Earl after hitting and killing a man while driving drunk. Grace learns that her victim is actually a convicted murderer named Leon Cooley, who is alive and sitting on death row. Grace punches out a man who hits on her, only to learn that he is the richest cattle tycoon in Oklahoma.
2 Bring It On, Earl
Grace and the cops investigate the murder of oilman Bo Grady, revealing incidents with angry anti-oil protesters and unraveling a love triangle. The cops discover that one of the potential witnesses to the murder is the estranged brother of Lieutenant Yukon. Earl challenges Grace to talk to Ham about their affair; a defiant Grace challenges Earl to a wrestling match.
3 Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned
Grace and the cops pursue a murder suspect who has entered a church and claimed sanctuary. The cops meet Captain Kate Perry, the new head of the OCPD Major Crimes Division. Grace gives Clay some tips for an upcoming kissing party. Grace and Earl clash over her lack of belief.
4 Keep Your Damn Wings Off My Nephew
A 17-year-old devout Christian comes under attack just days before he's scheduled to testify in a murder trial, and, in order to ensure his safety, Grace allows him to move in with her. Grace gets angry when Earl uses Clay to get her attention. Earl tells Grace he wants her and Leon Cooley to work together.
5 Would You Want Me to Tell You?
Grace's favorite aunt comes to town for a firehouse dedication in honor of Grace's late father and reveals some shocking news. Grace and the cops investigate the theft of a bull statue owned by influential cattle tycoon Alvin Green. Grace comforts Henry when he has to euthanize his beloved cat.
6 And You Wonder Why I Lie
The murder of an alleged call girl leads Grace and the cops to investigate a notorious Oklahoma crime family. Rhetta becomes angry at Grace after discovering that Grace tampered with evidence in a past case. Ham's wife suspects the affair between Grace and Ham. Earl challenges Grace to quit telling lies in her everyday life.
7 Yeehaw. Geepaw
Grace and the cops investigate the murder of an Iraq war veteran whose body was found burnt as part of an apparent Native American ritual. Grace enlists her Native American grandfather to help with the case but is shocked to learn that his health is deteriorating. Paige tries to convince Grace to join the family on a cruise. Earl works to teach Grace the importance of family.
8 Everything's Got a Shelf Life
Grace and the cops pursue a ruthless street gang after she is shot and a fellow officer is killed during a botched attempt to serve a warrant. Grace refuses to slow down despite her injury, but her brush with death forces her, with Earl's help, to face her own mortality. Leon is devastated when his ex-wife asks him to allow her fiancée to adopt their fourteen-year old son.
9 A Language of Angels
The cops investigate the grisly torture/murder of a young woman, and Grace becomes abnormally obsessed with solving the case. Grace and Ham'S relationship is strained after Ham discovers Grace in a compromising situation. Grace attempts to scare Clay straight after he posts a video of himself attacking a classmate on the internet. Earl tells Grace that she has to change her life because God has a plan for her.
10 It's Better When I Can See You
After a deadly school bus accident in which several children are killed, the team's investigation turns up information about a recall on the bus' rear axle. Just as Grace goes to the bus barn to question the owners, tornadoes rip through Oklahoma City, trapping both Grace and her prime suspect together in a collapsed building. Meanwhile, death row inmate Leon Cooley makes a major turn in his religious journey.
11 This Is Way Too Normal for You
Georgie, a man with Down Syndrome, tries to rob a drive-in diner with a wooden gun but winds up getting shot and killed by another customer with a real gun. The investigation leads to the special home in which Georgie was living where his friend Andrew quickly becomes the key to solving the mystery. But Andrew's own disabilities makes it difficult for Grace to get the information she needs to solve the case. Meanwhile, Grace begins dating Jack, the grown son of her elderly, voyeuristic neighbor. Jack is an atheist, which provides a unique challenge for Earl.
12 Is There a Scarlet Letter On My Breast?
A court trial for the murderer of a young woman is about to begin, and the brash defense attorney must go over the entire investigation with a fine-toothed comb, even if it means digging into the officers' personal lives. Grace's own sex life is put on display for all to see just as she is supposed to attend her nephew Clay's upcoming confirmation. And Grace's partner, Ham, decides to make his true feelings known to Grace.
13 Taco, Tulips, Duck and Spices
Pictures of Grace's sister, Paige, talking to an unknown man are found in a burned vehicle. At first, Grace suspects that Paige is having an affair, but later she uncovers a different story about the man in the photos. Rhetta tries to make sense of the various items Earl has left behind for Grace and soon discovers the shocking truth that devastates Grace and forces her to face her painful past.

About this show

Saving Grace stars Oscar-winner Holly Hunter as Grace Hanadarko, a cynical, tough and sexy Oklahoma City police detective. Grace lives life on the edge. She drinks too much. She sleeps with the wrong men. Only after driving drunk one night and hitting a pedestrian does Grace ask for help, which comes in the form of an unconventional angel named Earl.

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113 reviews
Sandra McRae
December 6, 2023
This is one of the best shows I have ever watched: gritty, tender, and true to life. The relationship Grace shares with each of her co-stars is classic Holly Hunter but none more so than with Earl. The friendship she shares with Rhetta truly makes me wish I had a friend like Grace or Rhetta. I love this show and am so sad it ended prematurely!
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oak tree
January 25, 2015
Absolutely terrific. All round great ensemble acting with well -drawn characters you like and get to know, and Holly Hunter is just amazing. A tough, funny, gritty, thoughtful hell of a show.
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zorina kellogg
July 9, 2015
Redemption is what we all want, including God for us thru Christ..He will send others who need redemption too. It's all a big chain and we are holding each other together God wants us back home.
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