Storage Wars: Miami

2014 • A&E
30 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 ¡Bienvenido a Miami!
In this hour-long premiere episode of Storage Wars: Miami, the buyers go head-to-head in Hialeah and Miramar, FL. Yorgen and Christian find the complete works of a local legend.
2 Miami Wow Machine
The buyers head to a Jerry Mahaffey auction in Pembroke Pines, FL. Greg and Lindsey are in sync and score a room that has them ready to drink. Jorge and Maydel find a very old map that might piece together a profit for them.
3 Big Booty Foes
The buyers are in Lantana, Florida. Kevin gets to the auction early in order to stake out his competition. Jorge and Maydel find a piece of music history and hang out with some '80s legends.
4 Don't Hate the Gator, Hate the Gate
The buyers are in Hialeah, FL. Greg and Lindsey come across a treasure trove of shiny kilos. Jorge and Maydel find a reason to visit a sugary wonderland. Yorgen and Christian try to be more than just pretty boys.
5 Deuces Wild
The buyers return to Miramar, FL. Despite a detour to the bathroom, Kevin grabs a locker with a lot of bite. Greg and Lindsey have their eyes on appliances. When Christian takes a gamble, Yorgen takes a fall.
6 To Hell and Backpack
The buyers attend an auction in Florida City, FL. Jorge goes for a holiday unit when Maydel spots something from her past in it. Kevin has his sights set on a big locker with big money.
7 Interview With the Vampirologist
In this episode of Storage Wars: Miami, the buyers cruise into Cooper City, FL. Kevin protects his territory by imposing a neighborhood tax. Jorge and Maydel go on a first date and end up with a big score.
8 O Brother, Where Art My Money?
The buyers mix it up in Hialeah, FL. Jorge brings his man stash and a manly attitude. Yorgen and Christian come across some really old dominoes. Greg finds it hard to buy when Lindsey is holding their money.
9 There's No Place Like Foam
The buyers go big in Miramar, Florida. Yorgen and Christian come with a small plan. Greg and Lindsey's party room gets the good times bubbling. Jorge finds an upscale treat for Maydel. And Kevin finds an old helmet...but will he end up taking a dive?
10 Fit Lauderdale
The buyers get fired up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Yorgen and Christian find an unusual suit that gets them pumped up. Greg and Lindsey discover a new way to shake off the pounds.

About this show

The hit show heads to the sexy city of Miami with Storage Wars: Miami to follow the most colorful storage auction buyers in south Florida. Miami has a little of everything… which means there’s sure to be unique treasures hidden behind locker doors!

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