The Chosen

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Season 2 episodes (8)

1 Thunder
Tension builds among the disciples as they wrestle with the increasing fame of Jesus in Samaria. Jesus rebukes Big James and John for their prejudice and, after a near-violent encounter, gives them a new nickname.
2 I Saw You
A mysterious visitor seeks to meet Jesus, but the disciples are hesitant. Tension builds between Simon and Matthew. As the group heads to a new city, word arrives that Jesus' fame is growing.
3 Matthew 4:24
A long, exhausting day turns into night as the disciples help Jesus deal with a large crowd hoping to be healed. Around the campfire, over dinner, the group tries to get to know each other better. But tensions erupt.
4 The Perfect Opportunity
As Jesus and the disciples head to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, a new enemy follows them, while a familiar enemy awaits.
5 Spirit
After stirring the water, Jesus is now pursued by Simon the Zealot, Atticus, and Shmuel. John the Baptizer visits the group and tells Jesus his dangerous mission. Meanwhile, back at the camp, Mary Magdalene is devastated by an encounter with a mysterious and dangerous stranger.
6 Unlawful
Matthew and Simon try to get along as they search for Mary in dark places. The group fears for Mary as they struggle with lack of food and bad news about John the Baptist. Meanwhile, Jesus continues to upset Pharisees across multiple regions.
7 Reckoning
After learning of Jesus' whereabouts, Quintus sends Gaius to arrest him. The disciples lose control as they argue about how to respond. While seeking information about where Jesus has been taken, Andrew and Philip encounter old friends.
8 Beyond Mountains
While Jesus and Matthew prepare the content of the big sermon, the disciples spread the word while fighting amongst themselves. A high-ranking Sanhedrin member is shocked by Shmuel's reports on Jesus. Thousands arrive for the sermon, including familiar faces.

About this show

The first multi-season series about the life of Christ and the highest crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time. "The Chosen" portrays Jesus through the eyes of those who met him.

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295 reviews
Bob Bartlett
March 10, 2022
I purchased Seasons 1 and 2 because it was impossible to view it otherwise. My purchase has disappeared. This show will make you believe in miracles because if you can ever possibly find and view Season Two that would be miraculous. If you can view each episode individually without an hour of commentary that would be a Major Miracle. Finally, if you can actually view it free of charge, you may be accused of blasphemy. Jesus was so accused because he claimed to be God. Well, Only GOD can find and view Season Two of The Chosen for FREE! I am 73 years old, but I am a retired Network administrator. I am extremely computer savvy. I was working on computers before almost anyone in this production was born, I must avoid the near occasions of sin. This process makes me angry and brings vile curse words to the tip of my tongue. Goodbye forever. Anyway, I know how the story ends. Spoiler Alert: Death and Resurrection Eternal Salvation for all Believers and Doers.
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Ariel Cotton
February 14, 2022
Hi for those who don't know, There is a CHOSEN APP, that has the seasons for free. This is the digital version that you can download for your personal use. You don't have to buy this you can watch it free on the chosen app. I really wish people would utilize Google search before giving bad reviews. Its really not that hard to do a few simple searches and ask a few questions before resulting to anger or just frustration. Yes you can watch this for free on the Chosen APP
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Pamela C
October 25, 2021
This is the most realistic show that has ever been done. I have watched season several times.Seeing this back story and the differces and issues seeing that gives one hope, reminder that we really can come as you are. I seen a comment said they didnt agree with having JESUS " practicing "his speech with Matthew, I was thinking that he was doing that for Matthews sake. Because JESUS would not need to practice. GOD Bless all for this series.
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