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Season 1 episodes (7)

1 Jack (1917-1940)
Kennedy navigates his formative years, including his time in school, relationship with his family, and early interests in history and politics.
2 The World At War (1940-1946)
When the United States joins the war against Nazi Germany and Japan, Kennedy volunteers for the Navy and is deployed to the Pacific.
3 Into the Political Jungle (1946-1956)
Coming home after the Second World War, Kennedy begins a career in politics, running for the House of Representatives in Massachusetts.
4 The Kennedy Machine (1956-1960)
Kennedy embarks on an unprecedented 5-year campaign for the presidency, revolutionizing modern campaigning and the use of television.
5 The Torch Has Passed (January 1961 - December 1961)
The youngest president ever elected, Kennedy faces the height of the Cold War and a national civil rights crisis.
6 Crisis (January 1962 - October 1962)
After nuclear weapons are placed 90 miles from the Florida coast in Cuba, Kennedy faces his ultimate trial, the most dangerous moment in human history.
7 The Brink of War (October 1962 - June 1963)
Bringing the country back from the brink of nuclear war, Kennedy pursues diplomacy with the Soviets and decides to address civil rights in a way no president has before: as a moral issue.

About this show

Marking 60 years since JFK's assassination, "Kennedy" is the new eight-part docuseries from director and composer Ashton Gleckman, Gleckman's production company Blackbird Pictures and Academy Award®-winning production company RadicalMedia.

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