1991 • ABC
26 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 s
Blossom tells problems to an imaginary mom (Phylicia Rashad).
2 My Sister's Keeper
Joey makes Blossom nervous about her prom date.
3 Dad's Girlfriend
Blossom fears her father is in a disastrous relationship.
4 Who's in Charge Here?
Home alone, Blossom's imagination runs wild.
5 Sex, Lies and Teen-agers
Blossom dreams she is a subject on "Donahue"; guest Phil Donahue.
6 I Ain't Got No Buddy
Blossom feels betrayed by her best friend.
7 Thanks for the Memorex
Blossom decides a wilderness retreat will keep the family together.
8 The Geek
Blossom accepts a date with the school geek.
9 Tough Love
Nick tells Anthony to get a job or get out.
10 Such a Night
Blossom looks to Six for support to call a boy for a date.
11 School Daze
Blossom plans to drop out of private school.
12 Papa's Little Dividend
Blossom and a friend plot to spy on a woman from Nick's past.
13 Love Stinks!
The men try to cure Blossom's broken heart.

About this show

Fifteen-year-old Blossom Russo is the only girl in a house that includes her session musician father, her curmudgeonly grandfather and two brothers, recovering addict Anthony and jock Joey, who is a few yards short of a first down. Mom has abandoned the family to pursue a singing career in Paris, and the family attempts to adjust. Blossom is not quite a beauty, but neither a geek. She is smart and reasonably popular. She dreams of a sitcom fantasy mother, and frequently gets ‘advice’ from famous celebrities. Blossom’s best friend, Six, an especially fast talker with a tendency to ramble, plays a significant part in her life.

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26 reviews
June 13, 2020
Heavenly father GOD PLEASE let this showed come back on TV because I was a child then I love that showed Blossom Ms. SHAWNIECE, SHANNEL, PORTER THEY Stolen me and so more children 's back thin in the 1966,1967, 1968, 1969, 1970 and I have a P.O. Box 70530 in Washington D.C.20024 I am looking for my Parents
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Stevie Marshall
December 4, 2020
takes realistic approach, yet makes it very comedic. Kind of like the same way Edgar Weight with his movies 💛
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Christina Turner
June 9, 2021
Loved this show
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