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Heels - Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Kayfabe
Jack Spade is a husband, a father, and the owner of the Duffy Wrestling League. While Jack controls everything that goes on inside of his wrestling ring, outside the ropes, he's fighting to balance his family life, financial pressures, rival wrestling promotions, and an ex-family friend who's come to poach the DWL's newest star, and Jack's younger brother, Ace Spade. Jack will have to decide what's best for the DWL, but what's good for the league usually comes with collateral damage.
2 Dusty Finish
As the wrestlers at the DWL worry about the fallout from the previous show, Jack struggles with what direction to take the narrative and the league, especially after an enticing offer from the FWD's Charlie Gully. After Ace's humiliating breakdown in the ring, he goes into a tailspin and disappears, causing Jack and Crystal to scour Duffy before Ace does anything too regrettable.
3 Cheap Heat
In an attempt to drum up more heat, Jack enlists the help of wrestling veteran, Ricky Rabies, setting Ace up with a full house for his comeback match against Bobby Pin. While Jack tries to make amends with his brother, Ace struggles with the fact that his career as a Face might truly be over.
4 Cutting Promos
After a house fire forces Jack and his family to move in with Carol and Ace, the two brothers put their differences aside and their heads together to generate a DWL promo to further grow the league's fan base. Wild Bill finds himself back in Duffy, managing the HR blowback from his misbehavior, and giving Ace lessons on how to embrace his inner Heel, inside and outside the ring.
5 Swerve
When the South Georgia State Fair shows interest in featuring the DWL at this year's fair, it's on Jack to close the deal with an electric night of matches. But chaos reigns as Bill, Ace, and Crystal each have their own ideas, none of which are in Jack's script.
6 House Show
It's the day of Big Jim's baby's baptism and a new beginning for everyone in Duffy. Meanwhile, Jack's running around town prepping and promoting the upcoming match at the fair, but also trying to make time for those in his life who deserve it most.
7 The Big Bad Fish Man
The South Georgia State Fair is only a couple of weeks away and Jack's doing all he can to keep his professional and personal lives intact. Staci has increasing suspicions that Jack played a larger role in Ace's unexpected Heel-turn. Thomas is acting out in school, the DWL's forced to audition additional wrestlers, and Jack stays busy warding off Charlie Gully from poaching his best talent, including Ace.
8 Double Turn
The culmination of all Jack's efforts finally pays off as the DWL is featured on the biggest stage in its history, but when outside-the-ring drama enters the squared circle, there's a lot more on the line than the championship belt.

About this show

In the world of professional wrestling, the good guys are "faces," and the bad guys are "heels." But in the real world, those characters can be hard to live up to - or hard to leave behind. Jack Spade constantly finds himself having to decide what's best for the Duffy Wrestling League, but what's best for his league often comes at the expense of those he loves most. Whether it's bank-breaking financial pressures, conniving owners of rival wrestling promotions, the constant risk of debilitating injury, or bad blood among its stable of wrestlers, the DWL is fighting on all fronts. Beaten bodies and broken dreams litter the world of professional wrestling but there's nothing more brutal than the battles being fought behind the scenes. Every wrestler wants to hold the championship belt above their heads, but few can stomach the sacrifice that comes with the spotlight.

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5 reviews
Jay Jay Owsik
February 16, 2022
As a Stephen Amell fan, I wanted to give Heels a shot. He does great as the lead Jack Spade, but it's the supporting cast that keeps you wanting more. Chris Bauer, puts it all out there as Wild Bill in an Emmy worthy performance. Former Steeler James Harrison, plays off Robby Ramos great as comic relief. Kelli Berglund excels in a versatile role. Unknown Alison Luff, her immense talent is overwhelming, a true breakout! This show has Heart! Characters you'll grow to love. Excited for what's next.
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Billy Nesbitt
March 3, 2022
I always want to see what comes next to all the characters , they all have great story lines.
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