The Knick

2014 • Cinemax
523 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 Method and Madness
Series premiere. Dr. John Thackery ascends to the role of chief surgeon at The Knick, but is forced by hospital benefactors to hire a black assistant chief, Algernon Edwards.
2 Mr. Paris Shoes
Already fuming over the hospital's faulty new electrical system, Thackery tasks Herman Barrow, The Knick's crooked superintendent, to deliver more cadavers so that he and his team can test out novel surgical procedures.
3 The Busy Flea
Thackery weighs performing surgery on a former flame, and orders Everett and Bertie to experiment on pigs. Barrow goes to extremes in order to pay off a debt and recover a missing tooth. After a bad day, Algernon takes out his frustrations at a local bar.
4 Where's the Dignity?
Algernon forces Thackery's hand during surgery, angering Gallinger. Abigail, in recovery, regrets her past choices involving Thackery. Cleary and Sister Harriet strike one deal, then another. Lucy learns of Thackery's secret life.
5 They Capture the Heat
Barrow looks to pay down a debt by treating one of Collier's wounded men at the Knick, and tries to convince Captain Robertson to purchase a new Edison invention. Still marginalized by Thackery, Algernon attempts to improve on a hernia surgery.
6 Start Calling Me Dad
After testing out a new procedure, Thackery and Bertie vow to reverse a series of failures in the operating theatre. Edwards finds his clinic, and his career, in jeopardy after a surprise encounter.
7 Get the Rope
The stabbing of a cop by a black man stirs up racial tension on the street and in the Knick. Everett returns to work and a changed OR; Barrow fears for Junia's safety; Cornelia is impressed with Edwards' ingenuity; Lucy is escorted home.
8 Working Late a Lot
Already on edge due to a citywide run on cocaine, Thackery worries that Dr. Levi Zinberg, a Jewish surgeon and inventor, will steal his spotlight at the next New York Surgical Society presentation.
9 The Golden Lotus
A late-night crime sheds unfavorable light on The Knick, forcing Robertson to come up with hush money. Lucy goes to extremes to get drugs for an increasingly desperate Thackery. Gallinger despairs as Eleanor's behavior becomes more erratic.
10 Crutchfield
Season finale. Refusing to collaborate with Zinberg on blood-transfusion research, an increasingly paranoid Thackery pushes himself to the limit, and beyond, in an effort to solve the riddle and beat his rival. Cornelia and Edwards arrive at a crossroads.
101 Trailer
A preview of 'The Knick,' a Cinemax drama series with Clive Owen as a boundary-pushing surgeon in a 1900 NYC hospital.
102 About The Knick
Clive Owen and his co-stars in 'The Knick' discuss the characters, setting and backstory for Steven Soderbergh's thrilling Cinemax series.
103 Under the Knife
Scrub in and join Clive Owen and the stars of 'The Knick' in the operating room for this look at the grisly and very realistic surgical sequences seen in the series.

About this show

A brilliant surgeon pushes the boundaries of medicine, morality and race relations at a New York City hospital at the turn of the 20th century in this Cinemax drama series. Clive Owen stars.

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523 reviews
Susan Kay
June 19, 2016
When I began my surgical residency in the 1980's I was appalled at the utter, base barbarism of the specialty! Even now, with the advent of robotics and endoscopic procedures, there's still an element of 'meat-locker' mentality to the surgical field of medicine that won't quite wash off at the end of the work day. So watching this true-to-life, beginnings of a civilization of the specialty cannot get more realistic, and horrifying at times. It's a look back, at where we've been and how we've gotten where
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Brendan “Masterslave” Kelly
May 29, 2016
Turn of the century medical experimentation on the public for the advancement of the field, brutelynhonest, I know first hand. Chances are your very doctor is operating on his/her master compound of narcotic soup to deal with the pressures what have you. ....
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Bootleg Zani
September 19, 2015
This is easily the best show to come out last year. Every week's episode had me hooked and I cannot wait for Season 2 to start. You are doing yourself a great disservice by missing this show. Even if you don't have Cinemax just buy it online some where. Clive Owen kills it as does Andre Holland.
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