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Season 4 episodes (10)

1 Everything's Okay
While investigating a beekeeper's murder with Lucifer in the season premiere, Chloe insists she's completely fine with his devilish revelation…thank you very much.
2 Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno
Chloe and Lucifer look into a murder on the set of a reality show. Meanwhile, Father Kinley (recurring guest star GRAHAM McTAVISH) presses forward with a plan, and Amenadiel (series star DB WOODSIDE) reconsiders his idea of home.
3 O, Ye of Little Faith, Father
An ex-gang member's murder may mask an even darker crime. Meanwhile, Lucifer catches Chloe in a lie, Dan and Maze (series stars KEVIN ALEJANDRO and LESLEY-ANN BRANDT) go rogue and Linda (series star RACHAEL HARRIS) braces for looming motherhood.
4 All About Eve
When a jewelry designer is murdered, Lucifer and Chloe strive to solve the case without each other’s help. And Lucifer reconnects with his old flame, Eve (new series star INBAR LAVI).
5 Expire Erect
After a collector of classic cars is killed, Lucifer and Chloe search for the culprit – as well as some closure to their relationship.
6 Orgy Pants to Work
While Lucifer and Chloe search for a connection between a murdered auditor and a nudist colony, Amenadiel plays host to an unexpected visitor.
7 Devil Is As Devil Does
Eve takes a more active role in her main man's professional life. Meanwhile, Lucifer gets back to basics, and Amenadiel fights for his family.
8 Super Bad Boyfriend
Lucifer and Chloe investigate a teacher's murder. Meanwhile, Lucifer goes to extremes to convince Eve to dump him; and Amenadiel mentors a teen.
9 Save Lucifer
Lucifer's so-called epiphany has Chloe worried. But it's his physical transformation that's really freaking her out. Meanwhile, Maze gives Eve a pep talk.
10 Who's Da New King of Hell?
With murderous demons on the loose in Los Angeles, it's up to Lucifer to reign in the chaos and protect the people he most cares about in the fourth season finale.

About this show

Bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, the original fallen angel, Lucifer Morningstar, has resigned and retired to the City of Angels, where he teams up with an LAPD detective to solve crimes. Whether it's a suppressed desire to punish the wicked or something deeper, the very thought that he could care about a human being disturbs him.

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4.49K reviews
Queen Whitaker
March 1, 2016
Seems like they are trying to convince people that satan "isn't so bad after all". As a Christian, its terrifying to see how the devil has his hand in just about everything these days. The devil is a not be fooled into thinking this is nothing more than a tv show. Its clear there is an underlying agenda.
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May 3, 2021
Predictable, boring, every single episode is the same line, Ms. Lauren German, (detective Decker), please find another line of work, definitely acting is not for you. I did watch the entire first season and two episodes and season 2, and that was it, I have to draw the line, no more Lucifer for me, is like watching a never end soap opera in daytime TV. Please Netflix remove this low grade series from your programming.
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March 4, 2016
Great show, even though it's very loosely based on comics Sandman and Lucifer, Tom Ellis plays Lucifer naturally. Great taste in music too. Even some of my favorite songs are featured in the show. It's to bad there's so many spam 'reviews' about how the Devil runs network television now. To all the haters out there it's just a TV show not some documentary about the Devil.
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