2017 • SYFY
307 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Saint Nick
A hit-man is forced to partner with an imaginary blue winged horse to rescue a missing child.
2 What Smiles Are For
Sax crashes a high-stakes poker game to win guns and cash for an escape from New York as Happy tries to convince him he's a father and ex-wife Amanda and ex-lover Merry team up to rescue Hailey.
3 When Christmas was Christmas
Sax journeys through a dark past while he and Happy track his daughter, Merry and Amanda make a chilling discovery and Very Bad Santa coerces information out of Hailey about her "hero" dad.
4 Year of the Horse
Sax and Happy follow their fortunes to Chinatown while Blue's sister shows up seeking revenge for the murder of her sons and Merry's search draws her ever closer to Very Bad Santa.
5 White Sauce? Hot Sauce?
Sax and Happy go separate ways following a destructive family reunion, Merry is under investigation by Internal Affairs and Hailey and children are introduced to a far more terrifying prison.
6 The Scrapyard of Childish Things
Sax and Happy embark on lonely journeys in which Sax stumbles on a new plan to negotiate for his daughter's release and Happy takes solace in the welcoming arms of another Imaginary Friend.
7 Destroyer of Worlds
Finally reunited, Sax and Happy make one last push to save Hailey while Amanda pursues a dangerous lead all by herself and Blue and Isabella come to blows over a dark family secret.
8 I am the Future
With Christmas approaching, Sax and Happy are locked in a climatic confrontation to rescue Hailey from Very Bad Santa's lair as Merry sets out to save Amanda from a far more powerful foe.
101 HAPPY! Official Trailer
The holiday season will never be the same. Based on the extremely graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, HAPPY! is based on New York Times best-selling author Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson's graphic novel of the same name. The series follows Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni, Law & Order: SVU) - an intoxicated, corrupt ex-cop turned hit man - who is adrift in a world of casual murder, soulless sex and betrayal. After a hit gone wrong, his inebriated life is forever changed by a tiny, relentlessly positive, imaginary blue winged horse named Happy (Patton Oswalt).
102 What IS Happy!
Get an inside look at the SYFY series Happy!, as cast and crew - plus comic book co-creator Grant Morrison - discuss the show.

About this show

Based on the graphic novel from bestselling author Grant Morrison and artist Darick Robertson, "Happy!" follows Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni), a former cop turned hit-man living a depraved life of booze and murder. After a botched hit, Nick's life is irrevocably transformed by the sudden appearance of a tiny, imaginary and incessantly cheerful blue-winged horse named Happy (voiced by Patton Oswalt).
307 reviews
Eadie Sharp
December 7, 2017
I was shocked at the freely used expletive deleted words & phrases ! It's a SyFy Channel program & not a movie channel so thought the language used without censorship unusual. I actually liked NOT having those "word & phrases" deleted, dubbed over or beeped out. This show will make you think about your children's "imaginary friends" & if they are really imaginary! Looking forward to future episodes.
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Noah Schumaker
January 14, 2018
This show is as dark as it is entertaining, and refreshing. There are some clichés here and there, but they're older and used in a fresher way. For the most part this show is very innovative. I recommend this to any adult. Kids only if they're already traumatized.
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Elizabeth Miller
January 29, 2018
OMG! If you do not LOVE this after watching the opening dance number then there is something wrong with your sense of humor. If nothing else the fight scenes in every episode are worth taking a gander. Chris Meloni is in a word is PERFECT!
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