Miami Vice

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Season 2 episodes (23)

1 Prodigal Son, Pt. 1
Part 1 of 2. From the deep Panamanian jungle, where Crockett and Tubbs are desperately trying to seize the Revilla brothers, the two vice cops go fully undercover in New York in this exciting season opener.
2 Prodigal Son, Pt. 2
Part 2 of 2. From the deep Panamanian jungle, where Crockett and Tubbs are desperately trying to seize the Revilla brothers, the two vice cops go fully undercover in New York in this exciting season opener.
3 Whatever Works
Crockett faces the loss of his beloved Ferrari, and organized religion and blackmail claim the lives of two police officers.
4 Out Where the Buses Don't Run
Crockett and Tubbs find themselves caught in the webs of a retired and obsessed vice cop (Bruce McGill).
5 The Dutch Oven
After a drug bust falls through, Trudy and Crockett give one of the dealers pursuit and Trudy fatally injures the man.
6 Buddies
Sonny's best friend, Robbie Cann, asks him to be his newborn son's godfather but does not tell him the entire truth about himself.
7 Junk Love
Crockett and Tubbs are after a man responsible for drug smuggling and incest and use a beautiful woman as bait to trap the dealer.
8 Tale of the Goat
Crockett and Tubbs battle a supposedly dead Haitian mobster and his band of voodoo-spouting zombies.
9 Bushido
Castillo's past returns with the presence of an old war acquaintance and the man's wife and son must be brought into safety.
10 Bought and Paid For
Gina's (Saundra Santiago) involvement in a case of rape becomes a very personal one.
11 Back in the World
Sonny is reunited with an old Vietnam war friend and Crockett relives his Vietnam days when he tracks down a ghost from the past.
12 Phil the Shill
A charming con artist (guest star Phil Collins) gets in over his head when he pulls a scam on serious cocaine traders.
13 Definitely Miami
Crockett is lured into a deadly game of love while Tubbs and the Vice team work to bring in an organized crime lord. Arielle Dombasle and Ted Nugent guest star.
14 Yankee Dollar
Crockett's girlfriend dies of a drug overdose and he becomes a player in a deadly game.
15 One Way Ticket
Crockett and Tubbs search for the killer of an Assistant District Attorney who was investigating the French Canadian Connection.
16 Little Miss Dangerous
A sex-shop performer (Larry Joshua) hides the fact that his psychotic stage partner (Fiona) is responsible for a series of slayings.
17 Florence Italy
The Grand Prix race is the backdrop for a brutal prostitute killing. Guest star: Danny Sullivan.
18 French Twist
A smitten Crockett places both of the detectives' lives in danger when he teams with a beautiful French Interpol agent in a search for a murderous international criminal.
19 The Fix
A judge with heavy gambling debts tries to persuade his college all-star son to throw a basketball game, so that his large debt can be paid off.
20 Payback
Crockett attempts to find out who is shadowing him while he and Tubbs rely on a government agent to help catch a drug smuggler.
21 Free Verse
The Miami Vice team are enlisted to protect an internationally renown poet in exile from a Death Squad.
22 Trust Fund Pirates
Crockett and Tubbs enlist a reluctant pilot to help them trap a group of marauding modern-day pirates.
23 Sons and Lovers
Crockett and Tubbs learn that Calderone has placed a one million dollar bounty on Tubbs' head. Calderone comes back to haunt Tubbs, tragically ending a family union.

About this show

From executive producer Michael Mann comes the explosive, groundbreaking detective show that redefined the word "cool." Emmy-nominee Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas are Crockett and Tubbs, two mismatched vice detectives who team up to catch drug smugglers in Miami. Set against the seamy and steamy South Florida underworld, "Miami Vice" is an iconic Emmy-winning series that set the standard for style and sophistication for all future crime dramas.

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