Playing House

238 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Pilot
Emma returns home for her best friend Maggie's baby shower.
2 Bird Bones
Emma and Maggie have brunch with Mark's wife Tina, aka Bird Bones. Mark investigates a garden gnome robbery.
3 Unfinished Business
Maggie and Mark investigate Bruce's sudden disappearance. Emma reunites with her estranged mother Gwen.
4 Totes Kewl
Emma goes on a date with Maggie's divorce lawyer and then discovers a surprising secret about her mom.
5 Drumline
Maggie attends her high school drumline reunion where she reconnects with an old crush and Emma bonds with a band nerd.
6 Bosephus And The Catfish
Maggie is suspicious of her brother Zach's online girlfriend. Emma helps Bruce in an unexpected way.
7 Spaghetti & Meatballs
Emma and Maggie turn Mark's annual policemen's spaghetti dinner into a night that won't soon be forgotten.
8 37 Weeks
Emma organizes a crew to help Maggie prepare the house for the baby and sparks fly when past secrets are revealed.
9 Let's Have A Baby
Maggie and Emma fall head over heels for the charming OBGYN who is delivering Maggie's baby.
10 Bugs In Your Eyes
Maggie and Emma's preparations for the baby's christening are interrupted when Mark gets into trouble.

About this show

Based on the ultra-close, real-life friendship between Jessica St. Clair & Lennon Parham, this comedy is about what happens when mother-to-be Maggie (Parham) calls on her best friend, Emma (St. Clair), single and career-focused, to help her raise her new baby. It's a buddy comedy about two best friends who reunite just when they need each other most. Parham and St. Clair co-write the series and serve as executive producers along with Scot Armstrong and Ravi Nandan.

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238 reviews
November 12, 2014
This humor is so entertaining to me. Its a new type of humor that people who dont understand that there ARE different types won't like. But the people who DO get it....Love me.
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Rachael L
September 4, 2016
I really hope this show gets renewed. Their comedy is flawless and I have never laughed so hard at a sitcom. They truly know what real friendship looks like
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Nicole candelario
August 21, 2015
I just love this show. These girls are hilarious. I loved the show they made prior called Bff i think, something like that. Why it was canceled is beyond me it was so funny. I hope this one makes it!!!
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