The Waltons

1972 • CBS
494 reviews
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Season 3 episodes (24)

1 The Conflict - Part I & Part II
Family loyalty is stretched to the breaking point when Walton family kin call for help to fight against the United States Government's notice of eviction.

Family loyalty is stretched to the breaking point when Walton family kin call for help to fight against the United States Government's notice of eviction, but the sight of blood has a sobering effect on all the Waltons.
2 The First Day
The first day at Boatwright College is full of complications for John-Boy Walton.
3 The Thoroughbred
John-Boy and the family mule compete against a rich, young man and his thoroughbred in a traditional cross-country race that was won many years earlier by Grandpa Walton.
4 The Runaway
When the rest of the Walton family fails to pay attention to a personal tragedy in his life, Jim-Bob runs away from home.
5 The Romance
Olivia is challenged by John-Boy to take a night school course in art, but she gets more than she expected when the instructor kisses her.
6 The Ring
On her first date with a college man, Mary Ellen must choose between making a good impression and telling the truth.
7 The System
John-Boy tempers honor with mercy when he defends a freshman football player whom he has accused of cheating. Ben discovers the dangers of smoking.
8 The Spoilers
A sophisticated but emotionally confused New York family arrives on Walton's Mountain with devastating results for the Walton family.
9 The Marathon
John-Boy defies his mother to enter a week-long dance marathon with a pretty, young stranger.
10 The Book
John-Boy's feelings of inadequacy are washed away in a flood of pure vanity when circumstances lead to the publishing of a book of his short stories.

Jason gets a paying job playing music in a band, but no one in the family seems to notice.
11 The Job
A part-time job catapults John-Boy into the middle of a desperate emotional battle raging in the heart of a hopelessly blind young woman.
12 The Departure
Convinced that "life has passed him by," John Walton leaves home for an adventure.
13 The Visitor
An old family friend comes home to Walton's Mountain, drawn there by the haunting memory of his dear wife.
14 The Birthday
Grandpa is stricken by a heart attack and desperately despondent about his condition, causing the entire Walton family to make every effort to restore his will to live.
15 The Lie
John-Boy turns detective to piece together the truth behind a hit-and-run charge brought against his younger brother Ben.
16 The Matchmakers
Ike Godsey is smitten when cousin Corabeth visits, and with John and Olivia's help love grows between the two. Erin enters the Jefferson County Sweetheart Contest.
17 The Beguiled
A beautiful but unprincipled girl causes problems for John-Boy.
18 The Caretakers
Grandpa becomes upset with John, and his stubborn pride leads him to pack, take Grandma by the hand and leave home.
19 The Shivaree
Olivia Walton arranges a warm, family wedding for the daughter of an old friend and her city-bred fiancé, but a fun-loving mountain custom threatens to destroy the marriage.
20 The Choice
John Walton's dream of a Walton & Sons lumber business is shattered when Jason, like his elder brother John-Boy, decides to pursue his own career.
21 The Statue
John-Boy is faced with the agonizing possibility of destroying spinster Emily Baldwin's lifelong romantic dream in order to make his first literary sale.

Grandpa wins a statue that bears an uncanny resemblance to one of his former girlfriends.
22 The Song
Young Ben Walton falls in love with pretty Sally Ann Harper, but his secret campaign to win her affections fails when he inadvertently sends her into the arms of his brother Jason.
23 The Woman
John and Olivia Walton renew their wedding vows as the highlight of their 20th-anniversary celebration, and John-Boy falls in love with an older woman.
24 The Venture
Prosperity seems to be imminent for the Walton family when disaster strikes as John Walton is felled by pneumonia, and the family may lose all for which they have worked so hard.

About this show

Winner of 13 Emmys®, including Outstanding Drama Series, this beloved, heartwarming and long-running family drama is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where young John-Boy (Golden Globe nominee Richard Thomas) and his close-knit family struggle together from the Depression to World War II. Money is scarce, but love and pride is plentiful.
494 reviews
Gwyn Huff
September 23, 2015
The Waltons is a 1970's TV series that is still relevant today. It's relevance is that it depicts the moral and social expectations of rural USA in the 1930's-family roles and economic priorities and childrens' roles. Whether the 1970's changes in family structure and the social events were played out by the television writers is beyond my scope to comment, The Waltons TV show is a door for discussion and thought with current generations.
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Anthony Marella
May 2, 2017
Much of the shows of the 70's focused on large families, Post WW or current they covered various struggles and some humor, void of profanity or sexual scenes. It is a classic show that is loved The Homecoming is still my favorite growing up watching the Walton's on Sunday evenings Maybe big networks would revive big family theme shows . Nice change from the current
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Eileen Tsiapanos
January 28, 2016
family show set in the mountains of Virginia in pre and post WW2. A show I grew up on and have watched with my own children. It may well be 'out of date', 'out of style', etc., but still a great watch.
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