Gold Digger

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Gold Digger: Series 1 episodes (6)

1 Her Boy
Julia’s disappointing 60th birthday turns around when she meets handsome young Benjamin. After a few days together, she introduces him to her three adult children.
2 Her Daughter
After a confrontation with her ex-husband, Julia and Benjamin decide to get away. In London, Julia meets Benjamin’s friends, but it seems like he has something to hide.
3 Her Rival
Benjamin meets Marsha, Julia’s ex-best friend and the woman with whom Ted had an affair. Later, Patrick and Della bring Julia purported evidence of Benjamin’s infidelity.
4 Her Husband
Julia accepts Ben’s marriage proposal but is reluctant to share the news at first. She eventually spills the beans to her kids over an already tense Christmas dinner.
5 Her Baby
The family is shocked when Benjamin’s half-brother turns up. With the help of Marsha’s daughter, Leo schemes to bring his parents back together, but the plan backfires.
6 Her Love
After discovering that Benjamin is not who he says he is, Julia returns to Devon and avoids seeing him. On her wedding day, Julia confronts Ted about that night long ago.

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When Julia (Emmy winner Julia Ormond, Mad Men) hits it off with handsome young Benjamin (Ben Barnes, Westworld), their romance is marred by the suspicions of her family.

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