To Catch a Smuggler

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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Internal Investigation
MIA CBP target a passenger with frequent trips to Colombia and after further questioning they suspect he could be smuggling narcotics internally. Officers search cargo for narcotics staying one step ahead of the cartel. At JFK, HSI conducts a controlled delivery of ecstasy on Wall Street that was intercepted at the mail facility and at LAX two passengers are questioned about their visits.
2 Club Drugs and Party People
MIA CBP finds a package of ecstasy in the mail; HSI conducts a controlled delivery that leads to a stakeout and arrest. LAX CBP monitors travelers arriving for a popular music festival. JFK CBP searches a passenger with possible connections to known drug dealers. After poking holes through his story, officers decide to take him for an X-ray to find out the truth once and for all.
3 Suspicious Suitcase
MIA CBP searches and questions a passenger coming from Jamaica who has a suspicious story and new suitcase. After finding anomalies in the bag, officers begin to suspect he might be smuggling narcotics. JFK CBP officers find a suspicious package containing cowboy boots and suspect something is hidden inside.
4 Cocaine Crackdown
JFK CBP questions an elderly woman arriving from Peru; officers suspect narcotics are cleverly concealed in bottles that she's carrying. MIA HSI carries out a daring sting, delivering cocaine that was hidden in a shipment of paintings. And at LAX, a set of unclaimed suitcases arouses suspicions. Officers believe the bags may contain contraband.
5 Smuggle Once, Smuggle Twice?
JFK CBP search a traveler flying from Panama to Hong Kong with no job or money. They suspect he's smuggling drugs through the U.S. MIA CBP found illegal gun parts in the mail headed to Argentina sparking an international investigation. Now HSI travels to Buenos Aires to aid local authorities in a massive country-wide raid on suspected weapons traffickers. "Operation Patagonia Express" becomes the largest weapons seizure in Argentinean history.
6 Drugs, Guns and Money
JFK CBP stops a passenger traveling from Trinidad transporting cans of tropical fruit, discovering a white powdery substance. In the Miami mail facility, CBP finds vials of a suspicious liquid and tests for a dangerous date rape drug; HSI conducts a controlled delivery, hoping to arrest the smuggler. In LAX, CBP questions female passengers who might be victims of sex trafficking and marriage fraud.
7 Cocaine Sausages
A solo passenger arriving at LAX from Nigeria tells a suspicious story. The MIA agriculture team inspects everything from raw meat to hunting trophies, eventually unearthing a massive shipment of mysterious green powder. HSI agents at JFK have their hands full with a controlled delivery of MDMA, plus multiple food couriers suspected of importing more than just snacks within checked luggage.
8 Decoys, Diversions and Drug Busts
In New York, a joint operation between HSI and CBP leads to the discovery of a white powdery substance in a bag that is inspected while coming off an international flight, and an anonymous tip sends officers and agents searching the terminal for a suspected smuggler from Colombia. In Miami, an X-ray of a shipment of coffee makes CBP officers believe there is more than meets the eye.

About this show

124 million people enter the U.S. through our nation's airports each year. It's a nonstop human tidal wave and hid amongst them are an endless stream of contraband and ill intentions. Defending our borders are the vigilant men and women of the Department of Homeland Security, whose agencies make up a three-tiered defense of America's airports. DHS will stop at nothing to catch a smuggler.

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7 reviews
Jorge Alves
May 9, 2020
Awesome show. Can’t wait till season 2 aires
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gurpreet Laddi
October 26, 2021
Amazing outstanding I am proud that is very good
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