None of the Above

2014 • National Geographic Channel
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Season 1 episodes (20)

1 Fire and Water
Tired of spending time at the car wash? Engineer and show host Tim Shaw bets that dropping 200 gallons of water on his car will wash it in just one second. The outcome may not be quite what the crowd expected.
2 Forces of Nature
Tim creates a coffee creamer bomb and teaches viewers the science behind what makes the substance so flammable. Later, learn a new party trick by breaking your buddy's beer bottle with one swift hand movement.
3 In the Line of Fire
Tim torches teddy bears in the name of science, and tests the penetrative clout of an assault rifle. While locals predict if anything can bear the fierce ray of a laser beam, car mechanics witness the collision of raw meat and 700-degree liquid lead.
4 Extreme Heat
Tim Shaw goes on a thermometer-busting journey from the all-powerful concentrated sunlight of a Fresnel lens to the incredible transformation created by the deepfreeze properties of liquid nitrogen.
5 Smash and Grab
Tim investigates the science behind Hollywood's biggest car chases and explosions. With fireworks, gasoline and spray paint in the trunk, and a rifle in hand, Tim finds out which item will produce the biggest BOOM for the big screen.
6 Sparks Will Fly
Tim makes a midnight pit stop at a BBQ to give a whole butcher's pig wrapped in foil the Tesla coil treatment, generating up to a million volts in man-made lightning bolts.
7 Breaking Point
Tim goes trackside to re-create the familiar trick of pulling a tablecloth away without disturbing the table settings. But the table is set for a party of 24, and the cloth is attached to a quarter-mile of cord pulled by a stock car going 115mph.
8 Under Pressure
At a gas pump, Tim recreates the circumstances under which cigarettes, cell phones and static electricity could create a raging inferno capable of blowing up a car.
9 Blown Apart
Tim reveals which product normally stored in a garden shed could blow one apart. The answer is both explosive and enlightening. Tim invites audiences to find objects that will resist the power of a unique type of blowtorch.
10 Spitting Fire
Tim finds out how to shoot fire from the barrel of a shotgun, create a dramatic effect in a microwave and destroy a desert boulder with an improvised explosive. Will audiences be able to guess the outcomes of his incredible experiments?
11 Raining Fire
Tim searches for the best improvised BBQ lighter, the smallest number of parts needed to make an electric motor and the best way to cook using a car. He shows how to achieve perfect synchronicity and what happens to a balloon in a microwave.
12 The Big Bangs
Tim searches the grocery store for an item that can cook up the most pressure on a heated launch pad. Then, he demonstrates how a seemingly solid glass droplet can instantly become a grenade and appears to magically transform zinc into gold.
13 Defying Gravity
How can you burst a balloon behind a pane a glass without shattering the glass? What happens when 10,000 volts are discharged into a watermelon? Tim Shaw demonstrates the magic of science and challenges audiences to predict what will happen.
14 Blast Off
Tim organizes a race to find out which household ingredient creates the fastest surface. Audiences participate in a physical feat of human construction. At a pool party, Tim shows the explosive reaction of an everyday metal when mixed with water.
15 Powers of Attraction
Tim Shaw visits a desert test track to push the stopping power of tires to the limit - with explosive consequences. He introduces gravity-defying experiments with trapeze artists, a roll of chain link metal balls, and a 90lb chandelier.
16 Deep Heat
Tim tests to see if anything can withstand the withering heat of burning thermite and demonstrates a surprisingly simple way to remove a cork that has been pushed into a bottle. Tim then attempts to scale a wall with a rope made of toilet paper.
17 What Goes Up
From shooting hoops in a moving vehicle to boiling up a bottle of bubbly in a microwave and dropping a piano from 100 feet in the air, Tim Shaw introduces us to more of the everyday science in the world around us.
18 Chain Reactions
Host Tim Shaw demonstrates how a harmless ping-pong ball can pack a mighty punch, how dominoes can be used to create a powerful chain reaction and the amazing science behind a slinky in motion.
19 Waves of Fire
Host Tim Shaw tests the safety of various gases for use in a blimp and employs a flame-boyant piece of equipment to help us see sound. An illuminating use for liquid nitrogen offers up a Hollywood style finale.
20 Short Fuse
Tim takes fast food to extremes when he fires food from a cannon to see which will travel the farthest. Cookware is used in unconventional ways, Tim fights fire with a kitchen strainer and performs an optical illusion with oil and glass bowls.

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Tim Shaw takes his cheeky brand of science and engineering to the streets of America looking to amaze and dumbfound in equal measure. Challenging the people he meets, Shaw conducts a series of daring experiments before baring the science behind them.

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