Lucky Hank

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Season 01 episodes (8)

1 Pilot
Hank rants against Railton College, calling it "Mediocrity's Capitol," and the administration is pressured to fire him; Hank and Lily contemplate a future outside of Railton.
2 George Saunders
When George Saunders visits Railton College, the professors scramble to impress the celebrated writer, while Hank is reminded of his own failed writing career; Hank and Lily anticipate an announcement from their daughter Julie.
3 Escape
Hank spirals when a storage pod full of his father's belongings is dropped in his front yard. The professors spiral when rumors of budget cuts threaten their tenured jobs.
4 The Goose Boxer
Amid firing rumors, the professors look to the union to protect their jobs, while Hank tries a different approach; Lily interviews for a job at a prestigious New York prep school.
5 The Clock
Hank and Lily host the annual English department dinner; Lily has a decision to make; Hank's past involving his trroubled relationship with his father catches up to him.
6 The Arrival
Hank and Tony travel to an academic conference, where their differing philosophies on work and life cause friction; Lily mediates trouble in Julie and Russell's marriage.
7 The Count Of Monte Cristo
Hank contends with the return of his father to Railton; Lily hunts for apartments in New York; Julie looks to Hank for help in Lily's absence.
8 The Chopping Block
Hank is faced with an impossible decision at work, as his department's jobs are on the line; Lily settles into a new normal in New York.

About this show

LUCKY HANK is the story of Hank Devereaux Jr., a professor who feels trapped by tenure in a badly underfunded Pennsylvania college, his wife, Lily, and the self-involved faculty of the English department he runs.

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