Zombie House Flipping

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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 March Avenue Madness
After scouring the streets of Orlando for the perfect zombie house to flip, the team discovers a Tudor-style home in a quiet suburban neighborhood that is literally rotting from the inside out.
2 Blood, Sweetbriar, and Tears
In an unusual twist, Keith talks his partners into going in with him on a zombie house flip located in a prime school district that he not only just purchased but that he already flipped five years ago. The team is skeptical, but Keith assures them.
3 Mystic Opportunity
A zombie house from the 90's becomes the team's latest project, but any hopes for a fast flip and a quick profit start to sour when they discover that the entire fade on the front of the house is filled with wood rot and needs to be replaced.
4 Breaking Banchory
Ashlee convinces the guys to let her do more than just sell one of their flips....she wants to design it. So, despite reservations from Duke, they agree to let her take on a zombie that has all the potential to become a stunning mid-century masterpiece.
5 Ranger Danger
The team gets a steal of a deal on a house that doesn't look too scary from the outside, but inside it's their worst nightmare. The previous owner was a hoarder, so the first challenge facing the team is getting rid of all the junk.
6 Monster Remodel
The team's latest project isn't just a zombie house, it's a 3200-square foot monster in one of Orlando's most affluent neighborhoods. Despite a high purchase price, the house is newly built and in fairly good shape.
7 The Smell of Money
The team takes on a zombie house that, at first whiff, smells like a profitable flip. No sooner do they start the remodel and the deal starts to smell like a real stinker, literally! They're faced with plumbing issues and construction hurdles.
8 Double Down
Justin surprises the team with the news that he already bought a zombie house that he wants them to flip--a small, single-story home that should take only a few weeks to remodel.

About this show

In Zombie House Flipping, millennial flipper Justin Stamper leads a badass team of renovators as they buy and fix up dilapidated, bank-owned "zombie houses" and return neighborhoods to their former glory.

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26 reviews
August 12, 2017
One of the houses is now my son's house..enjoyed watching the transformation...great show.
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Karina Chihuahua
September 16, 2017
Can't stop watching... obsessed with this show
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Justin Stamper
February 24, 2016
I hope everyone finds this entertaining. Key word! Its fun!
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