Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life (Original Japanese Version)

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Season 2 episodes (13)

1 A Step Forward
Tokise High School's koto club finished their performance. Despite the mistakes in the first half, they made a remarkable comeback in the second half. Now, they nervously await the results of the competition.
2 Becoming Aware
After lunch, Satowa and her friends from her class start talking about boys. Since koto has been the center of her life, she cannot follow the conversation and later asks Hiro if she's weird compared to other girls.
3 Their Time
On Tokise's school festival day, Takezo gets a surprise visit from the previous koto club president. He tells her that there are now seven members in the club and suggests that she come listen to their performance at the gym.
4 Reunion
The piece for the qualifier has been decided. It's the piece that Satowa played at the National Koto Competition. Since Takinami's arrangement requires two 17-strings, Satowa goes to see her mother to borrow one.
5 Their Determination
Takinami decides to have Akira Dojima be the koto instructor for the club. Since she's from the Hozuki School, the club members have some reservations about her becoming their koto teacher at first.
6 Confrontation
Previously, Akira told Satowa that there was no need for Satowa to receive any lessons from her. Her attitude shows that she has resentment towards Satowa. What is it that she is carrying deep in her heart?
7 Another Chance
After telling Takinami that she'd quit as a koto teacher, Akira goes to the club room to find that something is different with the koto club members' sound. During the practice, Takinami stops by and asks Akira and Satowa to play together.
8 Episode 8 Title
The members of the koto club have started thinking about what Takinami said: the meaning and role of their sound. In the meantime, Dojima arranges a meeting with the senior members of the Hozuki School.
9 Morning of the Showdown
The day of the qualifier for nationals has finally come. Seeing other students upon their arrival at the venue, the Tokise koto club members realize that they're all there seriously aiming to go to nationals.
10 Champions' Resolve
After overcoming the ordeal of their loss at the Japanese traditional music festival and spending so many hours practicing hard, the Himesaka Girls' Academy's koto club finally takes the stage at the national qualifier.
11 Beyond the Right Answer
Himesaka Girls' Academy gave a powerful performance. Now it's time for Hakuto High School to take the stage. Will they give a performance that's the "right answer"? Or will it be different this time?
12 "Tenkyu"
"Don't forget why you want to go to nationals"... With those words by Takinami in their hearts, each member of Tokise High School koto club takes the stage.
13 Starting Line
All the performances have finished, and now everyone awaits news of who will go to nationals. Which school will win first place? Also, did Satowa's feelings reach her mother? Can they reconcile?

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When a delinquent and a prodigy player sign up for the koto club, finding harmony isn’t going to be easy.

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susana evelyn gil funes
October 28, 2021
You wont regeet it.
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