Difficult People

2015 • Hulu
12 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Pilot
After tweeting inappropriately about Blue Ivy, Julie is left to live with the repercussions. Meanwhile, Billy attempts desperately to get over his ex-boyfriend, Josh. The two stick together to deal with their struggles as they attend a play and harass the other audience members, get hypnotized by Marilyn, and attend Arthur's PBS Oscar Party. In the end, Julie learns to watch her tweets, and Billy learns that life has more to offer than just Josh.
2 Devil's Three Way
When Julie and Billy find themselves unable to connect with their audience at a comedian story time, the two admit to some of their insecurities. Meanwhile, Marilyn deals with her insecurities by getting plastic surgery. Julie, on the other hand, ropes Arthur into having sex in front of Brian, the crush who always ignored her in high school. During which, Billy tries to connect with Nate, his newfound father figure, to get experience for a role in a film by Richard Kind. However, things don't go as planned for the group as Marilyn ends up disappointed with her surgery, Julie and Arthur are robbed, and Billy ends up finding himself in jail. Julie and Billy use the material from their misadventures at the next comedian story time, making them a big hit.
3 Pledge Week
When their frequent trash-talking of celebs gets them kicked off Bravo, Billy decides to be nice, which fails at drag bingo. Billy meets Fred, a nice dentist, who volunteers at performances -- a deal breaker. Arthur, dealing with the PBS pledge drive stress, and Julie fight. Julie comes to the pledge drive to support him, but her trash talk causes his big guest, Marc Shaiman, to leave. In an effort to salvage the pledge break, Julie and Billy do an impromptu roast to PBS stars, which becomes a successful viral video. In an effort to win Fred back, Billy goes on stage at an Abra Cadouglas show, a 12-step magician, causing Fred to realize what a turn-off participation is.
4 The Courage of a Soldier
When Marilyn decides to host a graduation party for Nicole, the daughter she always wanted, Julie decides to prove Nicole wrong in any way necessary, even if that means finding random Veterans to befriend. Arthur does his best to accompany Julie on this journey, but the two have little success. Billy, who has just been signed by Skippy, the non-Jewish agent, uses his connection to get him and Julie into an HBO party that may help her befriend a Veteran. After all their plans fall through, the two realize they are each other's family and that's what really matters.
5 The Children's Menu
When Julie and Billy find themselves watching videos of younglings much more successful than themselves, they decide to do something about it. Julie attends an event put on by Marilyn, and learns Chrissy, the girl she used to babysit, has had tremendous success on YouTube. Meanwhile, Billy learns he might have a shot at appearing on SNL. While the two strive to be stars both online and on the TV screen, they manage to reinvent the café Billy is working at into a successful restaurant called "The Children's Menu." When their plans for fame fail, Julie and Billy find themselves ridiculed on Chrissy's channel and watching a SNL episode featuring, young adults.
6 Even Later
Billy and Julie meet with Robert Spooner, a potential manager who wants to take their writing packet to a late show in 24 hours. Julie's period is also late. Instead of writing, Billy and Julie attempt to buy a Ping-Pong table from Charles Grodin, watch old shows at the Paley Center, and tour Wendy Wasserstein's old apartment. Julie and Billy write all night long, earning them a meeting with the head writer, Adam Balk. But in the interview, they learn that Adam didn't read it and just wants a diversity hire. Julie and Billy dramatically say no to Adam. Robert, impressed, signs Billy and Julie, who happily gets her period.
7 Premium Membership
While attending a comedy party, Julie and Billy discover an opportunity to participate in an Atheist Podcast led by a guy name Sonny. Meanwhile, Marilyn works towards putting on a play and insists that Julie comes to support her. Billy, on the other hand, must decide if he wants to stay with the "too nice" Carl, or give Terrance, the random guy in the dog park, a chance. But when the podcast takes off successfully, Julie and Billy find themselves pushing towards making connections with NPR despite Arthur's dislike. When the podcast and Terrance fall through, Billy and Julie agree not to settle in the future for what's easy.
8 A Hanukkah Miracle
Julie needs to earn enough money to pay the musicians at her and Billy's big show. Billy learns from coworkers of a "Gay Dad Mafia," a collection of successful gay dads who all send their daughters to the same dance class. Meanwhile, Julie takes a job wrapping presents at a wealthy department store. Billy convinces his niece Tal to play his daughter and attend dance classes. Tal is asked to take her part in the dance recital, but Billy tells her his show conflicts. When confronted at work by a family-less drunken Santa Con Santa, Billy takes Tal to the dance recital. Julie performs her show alone, in a dress bought for her by her mother without conditions. Together again, Billy tells Julie that Tal lands a part in the new Ryan Murphy TV show, having passed along her audition tape instead of his.

About this show

Two funny, smart people who aren't living up to their potential pretty much hate everything and everyone - besides Jasmine Guy and each other. In this show, Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner are just trying to get by in the world- they just can't help but be completely honest to every dodo bird who crosses their path. Theirs is a sad marriage-and they are famous, but only in their own minds.
12 reviews
Jacob Barto
January 4, 2017
Billy and Julie might be difficult, but they're also surrounded by awful people who make their antics almost forgivable. Oh so wrong and positively hilarious.
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