Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi - World’s Greatest First Love (Original Japanese Version)

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Season 1 episodes (26)

1 No Love's Like to the First.
After dating for a year, Hatori finds himself caught up in thoughts about his relationship with Yoshino. But a trip back home could put their relationship to the test! Between mixed feelings and meddling mothers—can these two overcome new challenges?
2 First Impressions Are the Most Lasting
Ending up in the shoujo manga department at Marukawa Publishing was the last thing Ritsu Onodera expected when he left his father’s company. Worse yet, his first impression of the department and the editor-in-chief have him ready to run out the door!
3 A Man Has Free Choice to Begin Love but Not to End It
Ritsu Onodera is a total rookie when it comes to editing manga. When a deadline is looming, he is forced to go to an author’s house and learns how scary editor-in-chief Masamune Takano can really be. Can he survive this job, or does more trouble await?
4 In Love There Is Both Dotage and Discretion
Onodera is reeling after finding out Takano’s identity. How can he work with the man who hurt him so? Between his mixed up feelings and his new work piling up, Onodera also has to handle a new face that is less than friendly and…really close with Takano?!
5 Adversity Makes a Man Wise
Onodera’s heart is pounding, his head spinning. Takano wants him, but what is his relationship with Yokozawa? On top of that, Onodera realizes one of his author’s won’t make a crucial deadline!
6 Love Is Lawless
Chiaki Yoshino is a hit shoujo manga author under the pen name Chiharu Yoshikawa who relies heavily on his childhood friend and editor, Hatori. When he catches Hatori kissing his friend Yuu Yanase, he’s left confused and perhaps…jealous?!
7 Go to the Sea, If You Would Fish Well
Yoshino is stuck in a love triangle, or so he thinks. Hatori loves him, but Yuu loves Hatori, and Yoshino just wants them all to be happy. But when tempers and jealousy flare at the New Year’s party, will Yoshino understand all these confusing feelings?
8 Coming Events Cast Their Shadows Before Them
Onodera’s life is more complicated than ever. Between work struggles, his confusing feelings with Takano, and the threatening Yokozawa, he can’t seem to catch a break. Will a misunderstanding force him to finally confront his feelings?
9 Looks Breed Love
Marukawa editor Shouta Kisa has a problem. He has fallen for the handsome book salesman, Yukina Kou. He tries to keep his distance, but when they’re finally forced to meet, can he keep his feelings to himself? Or will this be another unrequited love?
10 The Die Is Cast
Yukina kissed him. Yukina KISSED him. Kisa’s thoughts struggle to process this and it keeps him preoccupied from his work, causing a fair share of trouble. Yet somehow, he winds up at the bookstore anyway. Will he confront Yukina or run away again?
11 Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Yoshino tries to make up with Hatori after upsetting him, but when he announces a spa trip with Yuu, they wind up fighting again. Annoyed, Yoshino goes on the trip and realizes what Hatori has done for him. But a new revelation causes more complications!
12 It Never Rains but It Pours
Onodera is growing tired of the hectic life as a manga editor. After a run-in with an author he knows, the doors to the literary world open again. But as he weighs his options, Yokozawa reveals a part of Takano’s past that may change Onodera’s feelings.
13 After a Storm Comes a Calm
Still reeling from what Yokozawa told him, Onodera contemplates transferring again. But a phone call to one of his manga authors makes him reconsider his attitude towards manga. Then, a moment alone with Takano may push him to answer his own feelings.
14 The Quarrel of Lovers Is the Renewal of Love
Love at first sight—a ridiculous concept or a true rush of feelings? Onodera realizes his feelings for his senpai, Takano, and must deal with the mixed emotions and confusion that comes with it. Is this just a one-sided love or something more?
15 A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending
Onodera is promoted to program director and is stuck between harassing the team for manuscripts and being hounded by the printer. All of this stress, plus he still can’t make up his mind about Takano. But a drunken encounter could change everything.
16 One Cannot Love and Be Wise
Even at Christmas time there’s no rest for the manga editors! But when everything is done and turned in, it’s time for a short break. A special day for Takano is coming up—but will he spend the day with Onodera or Yokozawa?
17 Lingering Love Breeds Mistake
Yoshino wants to make up with Yuu, but when he thinks everything is finally cleared up, Yuu makes a startling confession! The tension between Yoshino, Yuu, and Hatori is reaching its breaking point—will Yoshino be forced to make a hard decision?
18 Delay in Love Is Dangerous
When Hatori breaks a date with Yoshino, things start to go downhill. Yoshino catches Hatori with an ex and runs to Yuu, upset. Complications arise when Yuu finally makes his move on Yoshino.
19 Follow Love and It Will Flee Thee, Flee Love and It Will Follow Thee
Stress is still piling up for the manga editors as Valentine’s Day approaches. While dealing with troublesome authors at work, Onodera gets a phone call from a girl that starts a spiral of misunderstanding! Will Onodera clear things up or cause more heartache?
20 Love Is Without Reason
Ryuuichiro has always had Asahina by his side, and through their time together, he has fallen in love. But can he put his jealous feelings aside to realize how Asahina feels? Or will he just push him away?
21 Actions Speak Louder Than Words
The company’s annual New Year’s party is nearly in full swing, but Onodera is dealing with his mother’s meddling. As she pushes him to accept the proposal to An, he must finally deal with the girl’s feelings for him and admit his own.
22 Love and Envy Make a Man Pine
Though they’ve only dated a short while, Kisa is becoming more insecure about his relationship with Yukina. How can Yukina still love him when they barely see each other? Will his doubts lead him to pushing his lover away, or is something else going on?
23 Love Is Blind
Kisa lets his jealousy get the better of him and ends things with Yukina. Feeling lower than ever, he gives in to a hook-up from someone he met months ago. But when it comes to it, will he really just let everything with Yukina end for good?
24 Love Goes Never Without Fear
Takano wants Onodera to finally admit his feelings, to admit how he felt about him ten years ago. Before Onodera can think on it anymore, Takano catches a cold and Yokozawa steps in to care for him. A heated interaction leads to regretful words.
25 Love Makes the World Go Round
The time to talk, the time to explain, and the time to share. Onodera and Takano finally take their time to talk about their past romance and see what the future will unfold for the two of them.
26 Love Is Bittersweet
Takano reflects on his time in high school when he first met Onodera and first realized what it’s like to feel love.

About this show

After his first love with a handsome upperclassman ends in heartbreak, Ritsu Onodera is over the troubles of love. But when he transfers to a new job he winds up working under Masamune Takano—the senpai who broke his heart!

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40 reviews
Onelia Sanchez
January 28, 2022
I have seen it so many times that never get bored because it's funny 🤣 I like the part when he's in bed with his lover and he makes excuses saying that he always takes off his clothes that's funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 if you come up with another one I'll be seeing it I like the last part too
May 15, 2020
👌It's just so beautifully written, and perfectly acted by the voiced over seiyu. Can't wait for the latest production of this series 🥰
August 23, 2019
It's very cute, just like Junjou Romantica!