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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Episode 1
Metal detectorists Andy and Lance’s search for a priceless Saxon hoard buried in the English countryside takes them down a bizarre, but promising, path. Tension builds between Andy and Becky as she questions the amount of time he’s investing in his quest.
2 Episode 2
When the Antiquisearchers, a pair of rival detectorists, appear on farmer Bishop’s property, Andy and Lance must find a way to shut them out. Sophie does some digging at the university library and emerges with a controversial theory about the hoard’s whereabouts.
3 Episode 3
With the Antiquisearchers hot on Andy and Lance’s trail, the duo turn to ex-cop Terry for backup, with disastrous results. Similarly catastrophic is their open-mic performance at the White Horse pub.
4 Episode 4
With the Danebury Metal Detecting Club in need of a new president, Andy steps up to the challenge. But his blossoming relationship with Sophie rubs both Lance and Becky the wrong way and turns a routine trivia night toxic.
5 Episode 5
Andy and Lance’s spirits are at an all-time low when they’re betrayed by Sophie. To make matters worse, Becky and Andy’s relationship is quickly deteriorating. Will Andy be able to repair all the damage he’s done?
6 Episode 6
Many pressing questions confront the Danebury detectorists: Will farmer Bishop be charged with murder? Will Lance stand up to his scheming ex-wife? And will Andy sacrifice the thing he loves most to keep Becky?

About this show

Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones strike comedic gold in this critically adored series about two oddballs scouring for treasure and the meaning of life in the English countryside

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89 reviews
Jason Whited
March 20, 2016
Stick with this show. First few episodes develop slowly and are highly nuanced, but the deeper you get, the more you realize just how strong the writing and the performances are. A brilliant show. You really do begin to care about these characters and how they do their best to plod through life. And at the end you are completely invested in these wonderful, maddeningly funny people.
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Adam Richardson
January 7, 2018
A beautifully simple and highly emotional British comedy about a metal detecting club in search of historical treasures. Truly moving in the most humble ways, intertwined with all the twists and turns faced in life while remaining light and cheerful.
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David Ovies
January 19, 2018
Refreshingly simple, funny, and charming. It stands out from the current pile of modern dark, crass, and violent TV. Liking forward to season 3.
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