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Season 3 episodes (20)

1 It's Robot Fighting Time!
The BattleBots season begins as the legends of robot combat put it all on the line for a shot at the 2018 World Championship.
2 Are You Yeti to Rumble?
Fan favorites Yeti and Witch Doctor face off in a world-class fight as top competitors battle to earn their spot in the postseason tournament.
3 Everyone Wants to be the Hotshot
BattleBots legends Hypershock and Biteforce face off in an epic showdown, while up-and-comers try to prove they have what it takes to be crowned 2018 BattleBots World Champion.
4 There's No Tapping Out In BattleBots!
Reigning champion Tombstone takes on the legendary Gigabyte as the battles heat up to take home the renowned BattleBots trophy.
5 Just Keep Spinning
A brutal match-up between Icewave and Yeti ignites the Battlebox, while the best bots in the world flex their gears.
6 It's a Flippin' Robot Party
World class robots Bronco and Bombshell go head to head as the elite group of robots compete for the title of 2018 BattleBots World Champion.
7 It's Fork Lifting Time!
Rookie bot End Game and former BattleBots champ Bite Force duke it out in an action packed night of battles.
8 I'm Here to Kick Some Bot
BattleBots royalty Bronco and Lock-Jaw fight to the death as the competition for 2018 BattleBots World Champion gets fierce.
9 Ice, Ice, Baby
BattleBots elite Icewave and Skorpios square off in an epic throwdown, and the rest of the bots battle to secure their spots in the Sweet 16.
10 A Smashing Good Time
Undefeated bots Bronco and Duck! duke it out in the battlebox as the race to become BattleBots World Champion heats up.
11 The Desperado Tournament
In a special last-chance tournament, eight bots battle it out for one of the last spots in the 2018 World Championship Sweet 16.
12 This is BattleBots!
Reigning BattleBots champion Tombstone and newcomer Whiplash fight to the finish as an advanced group of bots go head-to-head in the BattleBox.
13 The Rematch
Minotaur continues its quest for the BattleBots title in an epic fight with Blacksmith, a rematch two years in the making.
14 It's Going to be a Flippin' Blast!
Undefeated bots Bronco and Sawblaze battle to the death to preserve their perfect records in a night of epic clashes.
15 USA vs The World
In a special tournament, Battlebots Team USA takes on bots from around the world in an international showdown of combat robotics.
16 A Bull in a Bot Shop
Minotaur goes head-to-head with Subzero in an ultimate smackdown as the two bots try and secure their spots in the World Championship.
17 Last Chance Rumble
Brutus, Warhawk, and End Game fight for a guaranteed spot, as the last round of bots put everything on the line to make it into the Sweet 16 round.
18 It's Tournament Team
The Sweet 16 round kicks off with an epic night of fights featuring Tombstone, Minotaur, and Lock-Jaw, as the group of elite bots begin the battle to become the 2018 BattleBots World Champion.
19 The Tournament
The tournament begins with an epic night of smackdowns and legendary upsets as eight world-class bots go head-to-head to earn a place in the final four of the BattleBots World Championship.
20 Championship Night
It's championship night and just four bots remain to face off in the ultimate battles to decide the 2018 BattleBots World Champion.

About this show

BattleBots features the biggest, baddest, strongest, and fastest next-generation robots from all over the world as they duke it out for supremacy in the rapidly exploding world of Robot Combat Sports.

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45 reviews
Byron Anderson
December 21, 2020
Love the show but Google TV is a joke uploading the episodes. Episode 4 comes out in 3 days and they still don't have the 3rd episode uploaded. Discovery find a better partner that cares about your product. Show is 5 stars Google TV as the provider 1 star for a 3 star average
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James Sorenson
January 23, 2021
Awesome show, but don't buy it from Google. Google posts new episodes anywhere from 2 to 9 days later than Amazon and Vudu. Today, we wait for episode 7 on Saturday, 23-Jan. Vudu posted it on the 21st. Amazon posted it on the 20th. Google apparently thinks this service is still in beta, so buyer beware.
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Sammi Newgard
December 21, 2020
Where is episode 3????? We pay for an entire season but you can't be bothered to upload things in a timely fashion. Ridiculous. If you had better support I'd get a refund to buy off another platform. There's no reason it should be taking this long.
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