Tom Jones

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Season 1 episodes (5)

1 Episode 1
Tom Jones falls in love with his charming neighbor, Sophia. But he’s poor and she’s rich, so their families conspire to keep them apart. In this classic romantic comedy, can love conquer all?
2 Episode 2
Cast out of Paradise Hall in disgrace, Tom heads for London, with Sophia set to marry Blifil the next day. But that night she runs away from home in pursuit of Tom, only to find him in the arms of the worldly Mrs. Waters.
3 Episode 3
Believing all hope of love with Sophia is lost, Tom is seduced by the charms of the dangerous Lady Bellaston. Meanwhile, Sophia finds that the life of a young woman in London’s high society can be cruel and dangerous.
4 Episode 4
Lady Bellaston takes her revenge on Tom by revealing their affair to a heartbroken Sophia. Have Lady B and Blifil won, or will long-hidden secrets be revealed in time to save Tom from the gallows?
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See if love can really conquer all in this classic romantic comedy based on Henry Fielding’s novel. Starring Solly McLeod (House of the Dragon), Sophie Wilde (You Don’t Know Me), and Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso).

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When their families unite against their match, Tom Jones and Sophia Western face the wiles of Sophia’s aunt, the dangerous Lady Bellaston, who will stop at nothing to destroy their love. Can Tom convince Sophia that he can be true to her?

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