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Season 1 episodes (11)

1 The Itchy Onion
Series premiere. In 1878, newly arrived immigrant Ah Sahm arrives in San Francisco and joins Chinatown's most ruthless tong, the Hop Wei.
2 There's No China in the Bible
Young Jun and the Hop Wei send Long Zii a message. Ah Sahm pays a steep price for playing the hero.
3 John Chinaman
Ah Sahm gets a cold shoulder from the Hop Wei, with his fate in the hands of an unexpected ally.
4 The White Mountain
Big Bill eyes a solution to his gambling debts. Mai Ling negotiates with a rival tong. Ah Sahm gets a tempting offer.
5 The Blood and the Sh*t
Ah Sahm and Young Jun run into serious trouble on a trip to Nowhere.
6 Chewed Up, Spit Out, and Stepped On
An assassination attempt leads to escalating tensions between the Hop Wei and Long Zii tongs.
7 The Tiger and the Fox
Ah Sahm faces a dilemma when Bolo is sent by Father Jun to hunt down Long Zii and Mai Ling.
8 They Don't Pay Us Enough to Think
After a Chinatown bloodbath, the Hop Wei and Long Zii consider a novel way to end their hostilities.
9 Chinese Boxing
Elite warriors from Hop Wei and Long Zii face off to settle a score.
10 If You're Going to Bow, Bow Low
Season One Finale. Ah Sahm rejects his warrior roots; Leary pays a violent visit to Mercer; the Fung Hai flex their muscles.
101 Season 1 Trailer
A quick look at the action series 'Warrior.'

About this show

A martial arts prodigy emigrates from China to San Francisco and becomes a hatchet man for an organized crime family in this action series.
14 reviews
Esmond Chong
September 28, 2019
It would be enough for the show to have decent fight scenes and rest on the mythic laurels of a long forgotten television pitch by the incomparable Bruce Lee. Warrior isn't satisfied with this, wanting to straddle the lines between martial arts, titillating gangster drama, gritty historical fiction, and cultural introspection. While it still has room for growth in each area, it's satisfying to see a show ambitious enough to want to do Bruce Lee's legacy proud. Don't sit on Warrior.
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Frank Altea
May 19, 2022
Excellent stories about struggles of immigrants living together in a foreign land. Still true today is the struggle to live, struggle against poverty and discrimination, struggle for social justice and the struggle between classes. The martial arts scenes and violence shows that at certain times, these struggles can be deadly. Cannot wait for season 3.
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Kevin Labonte
August 7, 2021
This is just great cinema, let alone television. Historical drama, martial arts action, political intrigue and a killer soundtrack all rolled into one.
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