Married at First Sight: Couples' Cam

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Season 3 episodes (20)

1 Couples' Cam: Welcome to the Family (#301 / #302)
Ashley goes into labor, Danielle faces a health crisis, Jamie and Beth get "hangry" during a juice cleanse, Greg and Deonna are at odds over a baby name, and an attempt at a date night unravels into a blow-up fight for Shawniece and Jephte.
2 Couples' Cam: Labor of Love
Briana grows jealous over one of Vincent's relationships, Miles takes Karen to his hometown, Beth and Jamie's anniversary brings them to new heights, Woody and Amani encounter a gator, AJ and Steph are moving at a different pace.
3 Couples' Cam: Growing Pains
Ashley and Anthony bring Vaeda home after a challenging birth experience; Jessica and Austin make a life changing decision; Keith has a secret; Greg questions his ability to be a good father; Jepthe and Shawniece argue about family planning.
4 Couples' Cam: Ice, Ice Baby
Jess takes a trip to the west coast; Beth gets baby fever; Deonna puts herself on bedrest: Woody and Amani pamper each other; Briana and Vincent find their dream home; Shawniece struggles with a big change; Danielle and Bobby brave the Texas ice storm.
5 Couples' Cam: It's Go Time
A visit from Bennett inspires Karen and Miles to tap into their artistic side; Keith has a close encounter with Covid; Beth reunites with Amber and gets some dirt on Matt; Shawniece and Jephte try to reconnect with a family vacation.
6 Couples' Cam: No Turning Back
Jamie gets liposuction; Anthony embraces being a girl Dad; Bobby buys a boat; Jess and Austin face a four-legged obstacle to their family expansion; Briana and Vincent's house hunt takes a surprising turn; Erik and Virginia heat things up on date night.
7 Couples' Cam: Keeping Secrets
Shawniece and Jephte navigate co-parenting through their separation; Ashley makes breakfast with a secret ingredient; Briana and Vincent go on a bucket list trip; Deonna and Greg lose sleep as new parents; Woody and Amani change things up.
8 Couples' Cam: Taking the Plunge
Jamie and Doug's marriage is underwater; Jessica and Austin struggle to keep a secret from Deonna and Greg; Anthony and Ashley have to clean up their potty mouths; Virginia has a birthday surprise for Erik.
9 Couples' Cam: The Long Haul
Miles struggles with his mental health; Jess is nervous to share some big news with her twin; Anthony and Ashley embark on a daunting family road trip; Jamie wants to be body positive for her daughter.
10 Couples' Cam: Destination Unknown
Keith has a change of heart in Hawaii; Woody meets Amani's San Francisco family for the first time; Danielle opens up about her anxiety to Bobby; Vincent has a birthday surprise for Briana; AJ loses a bet.
11 Couples' Cam: When the Wives Are Away
Paige and Haley from MAFS: Atlanta head to Miami for Jamie's birthday celebration; Virginia and Erik reveal some growing tensions in their marriage; Beth and Jamie experiment with spray tanning; Anthony and Ashley struggle to balance work and vacation.
12 Couples' Cam: The Road Ahead
Virginia and Erik open up about tensions in their marriage; AJ and Steph reveal some big news to Kristine and Keith; Miles and Karen's relationship reaches new heights; Briana shows Vincent her southern side; Deonna and Greg face a difficult decision.
13 Couples' Cam: Change of Plans
Shawniece and Jephte catch up with the MAFS couples in New Orleans; Keith makes a big mistake with Kristine; Amani and Woody consider expanding their family; Anthony attempts to impress Ashley with his athleticism.
14 Couples' Cam: A Storm is Brewing
Erik and Virginia confront the marital conflicts they've long been avoiding; Jamie and Doug are battered by a hurricane; Bobby and Danielle attempt a daunting family road trip; Jamie's work stress creates tension between him and Beth.
15 Couples' Cam: Where Do We Go From Here?
Anthony and Ashley have a run-in with the law; Jamie attempts to pierce Beth's ears; Woody and Amani work on their bathing suit bodies; AJ and Steph say goodbye to Philly; and Erik and Virginia decide the fate of their marriage.
16 Couples' Cam: In The Doghouse
Kristine continues to be furious at Keith for his RV purchase; Jamie and Beth scout for a new city to call home; Greg plans a birthday surprise for Deonna.
17 Couples' Cam: Tripping
Briana surprises Vincent with a trip to a mystery destination; Steph has doubts about AJ's new project; Karen and Miles take separate vacations; Beth and Jamie seek enlightenment in the Mile High City; Shawniece and Jephte get soaked.
18 Couples' Cam: On the Run
A tornado threatens to ruin Danielle & Bobby's kid-free vacation; Jess and Austin try to tame Rex's aggression before their baby arrives; Jephte and Shawniece compete in their own family competition; Ashley and Anthony enjoy a tropical getaway.
19 Couples' Cam: Grand Slam, Baby!
Jessica & Austin learn the gender of their baby; Beth and Jamie attempt a honeymoon do-over; Karen gets a visit from her mother-in-law; Deonna & Greg go on their first date since becoming parents; AJ surprises Steph with a proposal.
20 Couples' Cam: Finding Home
Shawniece revisits a difficult discussion with Jephte; Beth and Jamie decide where they're moving next; Kristine has an anniversary surprise for Keith; Vincent finally pops the question.

About this show

Follow the highs, lows, humor, pathos and domestic comedy of 9 fan favorite Married at First Sight couples as we follow their ongoing stories in as close to "real time" as possible. Completely raw and self-shot, via mounted security cams in their homes plus diary cams and virtual group chats, each episode thematically ties our couples together as they discuss their own hopes, dreams and futures.

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