The Carrie Diaries

2013 • The CW
477 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 Pilot for Air
In the series premiere of this Sex and the City prequel, a young Carrie Bradshaw deals with high school drama while meeting Manhattan for the first time.
2 Lie With Me
New couple Carrie and Sebastian can't seem to catch a break. Between being grounded and rival Donna's sneaky attempts to break them apart, Carrie worries Sebastian will lose interest in her. Desperate for some alone time with him, Carrie must lie to her father and bail on plans with her sister, Doritt. Maggie's obsession with having sex drives a wedge between her and Walt. Meanwhile, Larissa wants to do a photo shoot with Carrie's purse for Interview magazine, forcing Carrie to scramble to make it work.
3 Read Before Use
After Tom forbids Carrie to see Sebastian again, Carrie snoops through Tom's work files and uncovers some alarming information about Sebastian's past. Carrie decides to confront Sebastian about what she's discovered and is shocked by his reaction. Maggie deals with her breakup with Walt in the only way she knows how and finds some solace from Dorrit. Meanwhile, Larissa takes Carrie, Mouse and Seth (recurring guest star KYLE HARRIS) to an outrageous performance art club in New York City, which leaves them all feeling self-conscious.
4 Fright Night
When Carrie is invited to a Halloween party in the city by Larissa, she decides to invite Walt to go with her to keep her company. It doesn't take long before the night goes awry and Carrie is forced to babysit Larissa, who has clearly taken too many drugs. Walt finds himself in an uncomfortable position after a party guest gets a little too close for comfort. Elsewhere, Maggie convinces Mouse to go with her to Sebastian's Halloween party at the diner to help keep tabs on him. After Doritt's attempt to sneak out of the house is thwarted, she discovers hanging out with her father isn't so bad.
5 Dangerous Territory
Carrie runs into an old friend at her internship and gets invited to his mother's dinner soiree in Manhattan, but her feelings for Sebastian get in her way — until she see him with another girl. Mouse is excited about getting back together with Seth (recurring guest star KYLE HARRIS), but her worries about being bad at sex lead her to ask Walt for help. In order to hang on to a favorite spot at the diner, Maggie takes on Donna LaDonna and her friends. Meanwhile, Tom loses his wedding ring, which makes him realize that Harlan (recurring guest star SCOTT COHEN -- Necessary Roughness) might be right about starting to date again.
6 Endgame
Carrie gets in way over her head when she tries to cook the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for her family, her new boyfriend, George (recurring guest star RICHARD KOHNKE), and his dad, Harlan (recurring guest star SCOTT COHEN), so she enlists Mouse's help. Tom is oblivious to the chaos going on in the kitchen, while Dorrit finds a new way to torture Carrie. Meanwhile, Maggie is excited to have Thanksgiving with Walt's family, but when the topic of college comes up she realizes that she hasn't put much thought into her future. Elsewhere, Sebastian learns that his mother decided to fly out of town with her boyfriend, leaving him to fend for himself on Thanksgiving.
7 Caught
Impressed with Carrie's creative prowess, Larissa offers her an internship at Interview, but Carrie is torn about whether she should take it. Carrie invites George (recurring guest star RICHARD KOHNKE) to the school dance, but when she suggests they leave the dance early, George gets the wrong idea about her intentions. Dorrit, who used to go to the Nutcracker ballet with her mother every year, reluctantly agrees to go with Tom, but he has a hard time filling his wife's shoes. Mouse gets a B+ on an exam and blames it on her relationship with Seth (recurring guest star KYLE HARRIS). Meanwhile, Donna LaDonna catches Maggie cheating on Walt and blackmails her into keeping Carrie away from Sebastian.
8 Hush Hush
Carrie is thrilled when the junior-senior lock-in provides the perfect cover for a night out in Manhattan with Larissa and her Interview co-workers — until a surprising encounter turns her night upside-down. Maggie and Mouse confront Sebastian about his feelings for Carrie and tell him he better make a grand gesture if he stands any chance of winning her back. Harlan (recurring guest star SCOTT COHEN) finally convinces Tom to go on a double date, with surprising results. Meanwhile, Maggie tries to find the courage to tell Walt about Simon (recurring guest star JOSH SALATIN) before Donna LaDonna does.
9 The Great Unknown
When Dorrit goes missing under Carrie's watch, Carrie lashes out at Sebastian, the one person who can help her find her sister. Mouse butts heads with West (recurring guest star RJ BROWN), a popular jock who, much to her chagrin, stole her spot as number one in the class. Walt surprises himself when he confides in someone completely unexpected. Meanwhile, Tom finds himself in uncharted territory when it comes to women and turns to Larissa for advice.
10 The Long and Winding Road Not Taken
On her 17th birthday, Carrie is torn between an opportunity to mingle with New York's literati and spending time with her friends and Sebastian. Mouse goes to extensive lengths to impress a Harvard alum who has her eyes set on West (recurring guest star RJ BROWN), with hilarious results. Walt starts taking responsibility for his previous actions. Elsewhere, Dorrit's search for the perfect gift for Carrie lands her in a sticky situation with romantic possibilities.
11 Identity Crisis
Carrie jumps at the chance to a take on a fabulous new identity as Larissa, but gets more than she bargained for when Larissa's hijinks catch up with her. After a whirlwind day in Manhattan, Walt is forced to face the feelings he is desperately trying to hide. Sebastian and Maggie agree to keep a secret from Carrie. Mouse takes a page from Donna LaDonna's playbook. Meanwhile, Tom decides to take a meditation class, but finds himself surprisingly tense after a run-in with another attendee.
12 A First Time for Everything
When Carrie inadvertently complicates things with Sebastian, she tries to fix it by taking him to Madonna's "The Virgin Tour" launch party — but in her quest for the perfect night it only makes things worse. Despite Mouse's best efforts to avoid West (recurring guest star RJ BROWN), she can't seem to deny the romantic sparks flying between them. Dorrit turns to Donna LaDonna for advice about her budding love life. Meanwhile, Tom has an awkward encounter when he spends the night somewhere new.
13 Kiss Yesterday Goodbye
In the season finale, Carrie is happy going to her junior prom, but when hidden secrets are revealed plans begin to change. Dorrit is determined to take her relationship with Miller (recurring guest star EVAN CROOKS) to the next level, but things hit a bump along the way. For the first time in her life, Mouse decides to defy her parents to date whom she wants. Tom begins to struggle with sneaking around, especially when he thinks someone might be on to him. Elsewhere, Larissa makes Carrie and Walt an enticing offer.

About this show

Based on the novel by Candace Bushnell, The Carrie Diaries — a one-hour drama from Sex and the City writer/co-producer Amy B. Harris and Gossip Girl executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage — is the origin story of how Carrie Bradshaw — known and loved by audiences worldwide — became Carrie Bradshaw. AnnaSophia Robb stars.

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477 reviews
Jessica Mason
October 18, 2014
The only show that you can see when ur on ur way to school like it's a 80s show and it's about a girl who has a hot boyfriend and he go to her school and she has a intern at a law fern and then she works for interview magazine and we'll if I told u anymore ud know the hole show lol have a good day and I hope u Watch it. Good bye
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Briana Garcia
February 18, 2014
I absolutely love the carries diaries omg I loved sex in the city ♡ and now I get to See were she started ♡ sucks though cuase I know her and sebastion won't last because she eventually grows up and gets married to big (John preston) but this is just so interesting and realistic for teenagers it's about just as good as awkward both my favorite shows would never be able to decide between the two ♡ but if this show got canceled it would be such a bummer.........
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Doan Nguyen
June 20, 2014
First ever show to actually make me laugh, and can I just say Austin butler you are perf I mean he is the cutest thing ever as sebastian. This show really shows real situations that many people could be facing love this show so much!!!!
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