Marvel's Avengers Assemble

2013 • Disney XD
1.76K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (26)

1 The Avengers Protocol: Pt. 1
Iron Man re-unites the team.
2 The Avengers Protocol: Pt. 2
Red Skull steals Tony Stark's armor.
3 Ghost of a Chance
Rookie Falcon stands alone to stop an Earth invasion.
4 The Serpent of Doom
Thor believes he must sacrifice himself to save the world.
5 Blood Feud
Captain America leads the team into a battle against a former WWII ally.
6 Super Adaptoid
The Avengers are out-gunned by the Super-Adaptoid.
7 Hyperion
An all-powerful super-being arrives as the savior of Earth.
8 Molecule Kid
Hawkeye and Black Widow take on a covert SHIELD mission.
9 Depth Charge
When Attuma attacks, Hulk is forced to prove he is the strongest there is.
10 Doomstroyer
Doctor Doom takes command of the Asgardian Destroyer armor.
11 Hulked Out Heroes
The Avengers learn what it's like to walk in Hulk's shoes.
12 Avengers: Impossible!
Impossible Man, makes Falcon the star of his action movie.
13 In Deep
Iron Man and Captain America disguise themselves as villains to infiltrate Red Skull's Cabal.
14 Hulk's Day Out
When Hulk crash-lands on Earth with amnesia, he only remembers that the planet is doomed!
15 Planet Doom
Thor returns from Asgard to find Earth under rule of Doctor Doom, who changed the past to ensure the Avengers never formed.
16 Bring on the Bad Guys
The Avengers start to see how tough the Cabal really is and just how much strength they'll need to find in each other to take them down!
17 Savages
When Tony becomes too reliant on his tech, Cap challenges him to go without it for one full day.
18 Mojo World
Hulk and Hawkeye suddenly find themselves stuck in a death match at the hands of the intergalactic broadcasting master, Mojo.
19 The Ambassador
The Avengers put their lives at risk to protect none other than Doctor Doom!
20 All-Father's Day
Odin comes to the Avengers Tower demanding his son cease his "fun" on Earth and return to Asgard.
21 By The Numbers
The Avengers and the Cabal have a huge confrontation that leaves the team forever changed.
22 Guardians and Space Knights
Galactus attacks Earth and Iron Man is able to lead him to another planet, but they find out it's under the Guardians of the Galaxy's protection!
23 One Little Thing
Falcon's mom is coming to visit and she has no idea he's an Avenger!
24 Crime and Circuses
When the Circus of Crime rolls into town, Hawkeye's dark past begins to surface and puts the Avengers in danger.
25 Exodus
Tony's confidence is shaken after he inadvertently puts Falcon in harm's way.
26 The Final Showdown
With the Tesseract now in the hands of the Cosmic Skull, Tony realizes teaming up with the rest of the Cabal might be their only chance for victory.

About this show

When an ancient and mysterious threat rises to destroy Wakanda, Black Panther must cast away old alliances, old rules, and old friends and chart a new course forward for himself and for the people of Wakanda. With his sister Shuri by his side, Black Panther will decide what kind of king, what kind of Avenger, and what kind of man he will be.

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1.76K reviews
Ahmad Whitmire
November 1, 2015
The creator says it has something to do with earth mightiest hero's and then he says it has something to do with the avengers movie and than he says it has something to do with the ultimate spiderman series he'll say as much crap as he can to make you watch this show and every time there's action on screen its really fun to watch but always being ruined by some stupid joke and guess who's the leader its not captain America...ITS IRON MAN! that didn't happened in the comics so why do it
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Mark Borison
June 26, 2013
Sorry to go over the top with a one-star review but this show is TRASH compared to Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Poor dialogue, bad animation. You can see that this was clearly a financial decision. I really wish that television producers would stop treating kids like idiots--its contributing to societal downfall.
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Makimbushir Amirisabah
March 8, 2014
Again I can only say that The Avengers Assembles is as poor an animated series as the first Avengers series created in the 1990's. The Avengers Assembles and that series portrayed no heart, soul, character and definitely no mind like The Avengers Earth 's Mightiest Heroes does. Like I have mentioned before Disney will destroy the Marvel Image with its SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICESPIALADOUS approach to a good franchise and comic book history like Marvel. And then again what can you expect with Disney's past.
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