One Day At A Time

1975 • CBS
84 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (15)

1 Ann's Decision
Ann faces her first parental crisis.
2 How To Succeed Without Trying
There's a man in Ann's life -- he wants something Ann has; she wants something he has. In Ann's case, she wants a job; in his case, he wants Ann. As Ann grapples with the dilemma, everyone around her urges her to use her body, not her brains, to get the job.
3 Jealousy
After Julie and Barbara spend a weekend with their father, they come home enthralled with his vivacious new girlfriend, creating a crisis at home.
4 Chicago Rendezvous
Ann Romano, 17 years married and 10 months divorced, meets a handsome airline pilot who has some lofty ideas -- and Ann thinks she's ready to fly.
5 David Loves Ann
Newly-divorced Ann Romano is thrown into an emotional turmoil by David's proposal of marriage. Ann's dilemma is not made easier by her "helpful" advisors -- Julie, Barbara and the ever-present Schneider.
6 Julie's Best Friend
Julie is obsessed with private school.
7 Super Blues
David presses Ann into having a party so she can meet new people, and when Ann leaves Schneider out of her plans, she discovers there's much more to him than meets the eye.
8 All The Way
Julie must come to terms with being a woman.
9 Fighting City Hall
Ann's militancy over a mistake in her phone bill leads to serious ramifications when she is investigated by the Secret Service.
10 David Plus Two
Another woman jolts Ann to re-evaluate her true feelings about David. Her painful process begins when she catches David in a lie.
11 Julie's Job
Julie's determination to learn.
12 The College Man
Julie's excitement turns to hurt.
13 Father David
David gets a dose of reality and discovers there's more to fatherhood than he expected when he is pressed into service as chaperon for Julie and Barbara's "break training" party.
14 Dad Comes Back-part 1
Ann's ex-husband Ed drops in.
15 Dad Comes Back-part 2
There father's first overnight visit.

About this show

This situation comedy revolves around a single mother trying to be an understanding one to her two headstrong teenage daughters.

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84 reviews
Eloise Ockert
April 23, 2015
In my early twenty's I identified myself with Julie. Older & a single mother with Ann Romano. The show a sitcom but with realistic themes.
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Thomas Allison
October 12, 2015
I love one day at a time TV show wish they had all of them I meant to give it four stars instead of three my finger slipped
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NancyBrighteyes Keisling
October 27, 2016
Barbara's graduation, i want to know where i can buy the dress Barbara wore on her graduation night on the show, i love that show and still watch it today
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