Shark Attack Files

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Season 2 episodes (6)

2 City Bites
A night out goes terribly wrong when a shark attacks in a city canal. But this victim isn't alone in her urban tale. City waters are primed with hungry sharks ready to encounter residents. A global group of scientists investigate what's driving these predators into our metropolitan neighborhoods. Their findings reveal alarming truths about city sharks…and that perhaps they've been there all along.
4 Get Smart
A spearfisherman is mauled by a shark during a dive in the Bahamas. Researchers wonder if animals in the wild can offer clues of how to outsmart these perfect predators. An in-depth investigation reveals new information about how sharks think, how they hunt and uncovers a host of innovative techniques that could help humans stay safe in the water.
5 Taste for Men
Shark attacks are rare, but men are the overwhelming victims when they happen. Throughout history over 85% of all recorded shark attacks involve men. Experts explore this alarming statistic that begs the question- could sharks really be targeting men? Marine scientists conduct a series of tests and investigations to find out if it all comes down to numbers…or, if sharks are truly seeking men.
6 Growing Pains
A diver is attacked during a routine move of a sand tiger shark in an aquarium. He survives, but is badly injured…leaving scientists baffled. Then, researchers discover the shark was pregnant. It's one in a line of pregnant shark attacks. Now, scientists try to uncover what exactly makes pregnant sharks so dangerous. Their investigation could be the key to saving the lives of both humans and sharks.
7 Unusual Suspects
A shark robs a spear fisher of his catch and almost his arm. The usual suspects are Great Whites, Tigers, or Bull Sharks. But footage reveals a surprising assailant: the usually benign Bronze Whaler Shark. It's not the only time a "passive" shark has shown their aggressive side. Now, scientists decode these alarming encounters. An investigation reveals it could be less about a shark's behavior and more about our own.
8 Wrecked
On the North Carolina coastline, a spear fisherman dives a shipwreck and encounters a gang of aggressive sharks. It's a terrifying incident, but sharks are moving into ocean graveyards across the globe. Now, investigators are on a mission to find out why sharks are drawn to these human-made structures…and if there is something about their design that might trigger them to attack.

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Go beyond the headlines of today's most shocking shark attacks and learn the truth about nature's most misunderstood predators.

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