Party Down

2009 • Starz
337 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Willow Canyon Homeowners Annual Party
Failed actor Henry Pollard returns to work at Party Down catering. He meets his fellow employees, led by his old coworker Ron, a clean-living team leader with big dreams.
2 California College Conservative Union Caucus
At a college conservatives event, students aim to give the Party Down team advice on success. As the event goes on, it turns out the students may not be so bright.
3 Pepper McMasters Singles Seminar
The Party Down team caters a senior singles mixer hosted by Pepper McMasters. Constance has an awkward encounter with an old flame and Casey seeks relationship advice.
4 Investors Dinner
A land tycoon expects flawless service from the Party Down crew, but Ron's dreams of success threaten to ruin everything. Kyle makes a friend whose lifestyle he hopes to emulate
5 Sin Say Shun Awards After Party
The Party Down team caters a porn awards afterparty. Kyle tries to teach Roman to 'play it cool' with the porn stars. A mysterious businessman makes Ron a surprising business offer.
6 Taylor Stiltskin Sweet Sixteen
Taylor Stiltskin's film producer father is throwing her the perfect sweet 16 - only nobody showed up! Henry runs into an old friend. Ron gets business advice from a rap duo.
7 Brandix Corporate Retreat
When the Party Down team caters the Brandix corporate retreat, Casey strikes up a friendship with the sports star guest speaker, making both Henry and Roman jealous.
8 Celebrate Ricky Sargulesh
The Party Down team's actors are recognized at a party and treated as stars. But when Roman and Ron discover the host is a mobster, they suspect his screenplay might be a confession.
9 James Rolf High School Twentieth Reunion
Ron decides to cater his own reunion, and begins to slip back into his old drunken habits. Henry considers moving home, causing Casey to consider their 'casual' relationship.
10 Stennheiser-Pong Wedding Reception
The team is excited to cater a lavish gay wedding (with guest George Takei), but must take a backseat to Uda Bengt (Kristen Bell) of Valhalla Catering. While Ron falls apart, Henry is forced to take charge.

About this show

Adam Scott (STEP BROTHERS), Jane Lynch (GLEE), Ken Marino (ROLE MODELS), Martin Starr (KNOCKED UP), Ryan Hansen (VERONICA MARS), and Lizzy Caplan (TRUE BLOOD) star as the employees of Hollywood catering company 'Party Down,' a group of struggling actors and dysfunctional dreamers waiting for their big breaks while stuck serving hors d'oeurves. But in a town where everything is possible, can the ultimate going nowhere job ever get them anywhere?

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337 reviews
A Google user
July 9, 2012
I really had a hard time enjoying season 2. It seems the majority of reviewers here disagree, but for me season 1 was leaps and bounds better. Hilarious show either way.
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A Google user
July 7, 2012
This was such an unexpectedly funny show. I loved every minute of every episode. Unbelievably funny and like-able cast. Really a genius production from start to finish.
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A Google user
July 13, 2012
Showtime is smoking something. Makes no sense that they cancelled this.
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