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Season 1 episodes (20)

1 Pilot
ELI and WARNER are business partners -- and childhood best friends -- whose lives get turned upside down when their pain-in-the-neck dads, DAVID and CRAWFORD, move in with them in the "Pilot" episode.
2 Heckuva Job, Brownie
Ghost Child Games is in need of a new video game concept. So WARNER and VERONICA encourage ELI to revert to his tried-and-true method of coming up with ideas: "medicinally enhanced" baked goods. But the guys discover an even better use for the treats when their pain-in-the-neck dads, DAVID and CRAWFORD, start eating them and totally mellowing out.
3 Clean On Me
When Warner borrows Edna from Eli, a "love-triangle" forms, leading Eli to realize he needs to treat her better in order to save their once-happy relationship. Meanwhile, Veronica hires Crawford as an intern at the office, much to the chagrin of the guys.
4 Funny Girl
Eli starts dating Veronica's friend, Anne (guest star Allison Munn), an attractive, but somewhat annoying comedian, and he agrees to move in with her just to spite David. Meanwhile, a recording session for video company Ghost Child's new game, "Occue-Die Wall Street," gets out of hand when Crawford helps Warner with some "businessman" voice-over work.
5 Oldfinger
Warner and Eli worry about their dads' health, so the four guys visit the doctor to get physicals. However, when the doctor dies before giving Warner his test results, he begins to question his own mortality.
6 My Dad's Hotter Than Your Dad
Warner (Giovanni Ribisi) hires an older woman as the new office assistant with the hope that Eli (Seth Green), who has a track record of being a Human Resources liability, won't be attracted to her. However, his plan backfires when Crawford (Martin Mull) and David (Peter Riegert) start competing for her affections.
7 Foul Play
When David accidentally brings bedbugs into the house, he and Eli are forced to sleep at Ghost Child Games. Meanwhile, Camila gets the lead in a local play and Crawford ends up being uncharacteristically helpful.
8 Doubles Trouble
Eli begins to doubt his and Warner's friendship when Warner decides to let Camila be his partner in their annual Virtual Tennis Tournament. Meanwhile, Crawford and David try to prove that they can make true friends.
9 Comic Book Issues
David's disrespect for Eli's comic book collection causes Eli to move them into a storage unit that quickly gets broken into at the same time Crawford buys a rare collection of comics for Warner as a gift. The group soon realizes that the comics belong to Eli, but Warner's not ready to give them back without a fight.
10 Dad Abuse
Eli and Warner mistakenly trigger an investigation of elder abuse, causing their dads to be placed in a foster care home. Eli and Warner's initial happiness soon turns into guilt, and they hatch a plan to rescue their fathers. Meanwhile, Crawford's childish, sloppy habits get between Camila and Warner.
11 The Glitch That Stole Christmas
When Eli and Warner fire one of their employees right before the holiday season, the ex-game designer seeks his revenge by including an offensive word in their family-friendly Christmas game. Meanwhile, Edna encourages David to get a job as a mall Santa in order to earn enough money to buy Eli a gift.
12 Mister Edna
Following an immigration-related bust of a sweat shop in the building, David exposes Edna as an illegal immigrant, and she is detained. In an effort to prevent Edna's deportation, Eli forces his father to marry Edna and enlists Warner to help plan the event. But when Edna begins to take on the role of wife and mother, Eli begins to regret his plan.
13 Eli Nightingale
When Veronica gets sick, germaphobe Warner forces her go home. Sensing an opportunity, Eli takes care of her in hopes that his kindness will make her want to sleep with him in.
14 Bully Gene
Eli dates a single mom whose son, Gene, bullies Eli. Trouble ensues when Gene steals the prototype of Ghost Child's newest game. Meanwhile Warner picks fake fights with Camila, so he can sleep on the couch, which is more comfortable than their bed.
15 Baby Face
When Camila goes out of town to visit her sister, she leaves Warner with his first family-free weekend in years -- except for the fact that Crawford now lives with them. To solve the problem, Warner puts Crawford and David up in a hotel where the two are mistaken for a gay couple on their honeymoon.
16 Warner's Got It Made
Eli and Warner work to develop a new mafia game for Ghost Child Games and invite a real mob boss to the office to consult.
17 Enemies of Bill
When Crawford gets too drunk and accidentally ruins the Whittemores' couch, Camila insists that they all quit drinking so much.
18 Have a Heart.. Attack
Eli ignores David's constant complaining, and one of them ends up in the hospital.
101 First Look
The cast gives a first look at Seth MacFarlane?s new multi-camera comedy about two best friends coping with their dads moving in. Dads airs Tuesdays 8/7c, starting Sept 17 on FOX.
102 Trailer
Watch the trailer for the new series, Dads. The new live-action, multi-camera comedy from Seth MacFarlane follows two successful best friends whose lives get turned upside down

About this show

Two successful guys in their 30's have their lives turned upside down when their nightmare dads unexpectedly move in with them.

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183 reviews
William Garrett
September 20, 2013
The absolute worst sitcom I have ever seen. Can't believe they keep shoveling Seth Woodbury MacFarlane big money to produce unfunny dribble. He would be so much more comfortable if he finally came out of the closet.
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Chris Mendel
June 30, 2014
I cannot believe that FOX chose to cancel this show. This show and Sean Saves The World on NBC shouldn't have been canceled. Still planning on buying the full seasons though. I was so looking forward to the 2nd season of Dads.
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J (J)
February 23, 2014
Booze ,fun, jokes & racial humor? BEST TUCKING SHOW EVER FOLLOWING FAMILY GUY, . World needs More laughter mixed w farcial, & racial humor2 get by. screw the psycho babble twilight drama ( oh look at me I'm the most important person in the world, no one understand me dragging people down to a depressed state like me) BULLSHIT! Watch everybody's alittle bit racist on YouTube }:D
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