My Life Is Murder

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My Life Is Murder: Series 1 episodes (10)

1 The Boyfriend Experience
Retired detective Alexa Crowe is intent only on fixing her bread maker when her old boss contacts her for help on an unsolved case, and Alexa can’t help but investigate.
2 The Locked Room
A man is shot dead in a motel room, with the windows and door locked from the inside. Madison discovers a connection to a crook Alexa knows from her undercover work.
3 Lividity in Lycra
When the CFO of a hospitality empire dies on a cycling ride with friends, the coroner rules it death by misadventure, but Kieran suspects the involvement of Hugh’s boss.
4 Can't Stand the Heat
When a culinary student is found dead in the school’s kitchen, Alexa goes undercover to a cooking class to smoke out the killer.
5 Feet of Clay
A PR assistant’s death by a drunk driver seems like a closed case, but a mysterious message prompts Alexa to investigate the woman’s glamourous boss for answers.
6 Another Bloody Podcast
When a true-crime podcast blames Kieran for the lack of progress on an investigation into the killing of a young gay man, Alexa is determined to help Kieran out.
7 Old School
Alexa revisits her high school when her favorite teacher is crushed to death by a boat rack. The prime suspect is the new principal, who happens to be an old frenemy.
8 Remains to Bee Seen
Alexa confronts her mortality as she investigates the case of Patrick Mandel, a gambling addict found buried in an already occupied grave.
9 Fake Empire
Alexa is uninterested in solving Kieran’s latest case until she learns that clairvoyant Chloe Angel is involved—and knows details about the crime that aren’t public.
10 Mirror, Mirror
After the death of a plastic surgeon from self-administering an anti-wrinkle drug she had developed, Alexa questions the owners of the clinic where the victim worked.

About this show

Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess, Parks and Recreation) stars in this contemporary Australian detective drama as a retired cop who can’t stop solving crime.

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7 reviews
Mary Redd
December 15, 2021
It's okay in its own way Lucy deserves too be in a drama not a comic , sometimes not always she has very good talent Acting skills.
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Shari Torrance
January 26, 2022
I really enjoy this series. I think it has pluck. It's funny, dramatic & mysterious. This is what I enjoy watching. Lucy is wonderful & so is Madison, Alexa's assistant. I miss Kiernan & George in the 2nd season. 2nd season was rather abrupt in starting. Alexa had moved to Auckland, but won't talk about it. Very funny lines. Madison & Alex's relationship is rather odd. They argue & they taunt each other. Best of friends though. Alexa wouldn't admit it. I Love Lucy Lawless!! I have since Xena.
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j smith
December 14, 2021
Great series. Nice to see Lucy in a modern role. Characters are both smart and fun. Ebony is great as assistant. Very happy to have season 2 as well. Love that the show is now set in Auckland, a truly beautiful city!
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