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Season 1 episodes (25)

1 The Pilot
Andi braves the highs and lows of her special day. Karen makes a difficult decision. Sabrina entertains the prospect of new love.
2 Mixed Signal
Andi is forced to reconsider who is and isn't in her corner. Karen meets someone new and reconsiders the dating game. Sabrina's new love interest sparks some suspicion. Danni witnesses something that could break Andi's heart.
3 A Woman with No Soul
Changes in Andi's situationship leave her reeling. Sabrina's confusion causes her to avoid Calvin altogether. Karen struggles to put the past behind her. Danni discovers more about Zac's struggles without Karen,
4 New Stories
Andi's relationship with Gary takes a definitive turn. New information helps shed light on Sabrina's predicament and her fears. Danni extends an olive branch to Zac. Karen finds there's more to Aaron's story than meets the eye.
5 One Day at A Time
Andi realizes getting what she wants isn't all it's cracked up to be. Karen resolves not to make the same mistakes as Andi. Sabrina's next venture with Calvin deepens her fears. Danni is worried by how easily Zac sees through her crafted facade.
6 No Judgement
Andi struggles to keep her personal life and job separate. Developments in Karen's love life pose new possibilities. Sabrina provides the voice of wisdom to her friends and Danni mulls over her exchange with Zac.
7 Boy Bye
Andi acts quickly to help a fallen friend. A misunderstanding leaves Karen in a precarious and heartbreaking situation. Danni starts to address rumors she's caught wind of.
8 Old Faithful
Andi finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Danni sets out to find the truth among her friends. Sabrina finally starts to open up to Calvin. Karen finds herself repeatedly unlucky in love.
9 Acceptance
Danni's relationship with an unlikely person develops in an unexpected twist of events. Aaron recruits Andi's help with reaching out to Karen. Sabrina tries to figure out the shift in Karen's attitude.
10 Revelations
Andi's suspicions are raised concerning her lover. Sabrina and Calvin start to make progress. Danni still has a chip on her shoulder, but sets it aside in favor of helping Andi.
11 The Sister Circle
Danni calls herself helping Karen. Sabrina tries to navigate the waters offriendship despite some clashing personalities. Andi's greatest secret is revealed.
12 All I Got
Gary's secrets are revealed, putting him and Andi at odds once more. The shadow of Aaron's past overwhelms Karen. Danni tries to be there for Zac, uncertain if this new revelation is one he won't recover from.
13 In Front Of Me
Karen's world is rocked when blood is on her hands. Sabrina is in for a big surprise with one of Maurice's scheme's. Danni plays "middle-man" to sometroubling news. Trouble in paradise causes Andi to make a hard decision.
14 To Be Free
Sabrina learns not to judge a book by its cover. Andi discovers an unlikely ally.Danni is excited about her new boy-toy. Karen feels slighted when she'saccused of not being truthful.
15 Too Much Glass
An unexpected visitor makes a compelling argument on Calvin's behalf. Anditries moving on. Karen finds herself between two men. Danni and Preston takethings to the next level.
16 The Firm
Personal choices threaten to railroad Andi's career forever. Danni helps Zac see a light at the end of the tunnel. Karen learns of Aaron's troubled past.
17 The Trojan Horse
Andi discovers the enemies in her personal and professional life are many. Karen is left to clean up Zac's mess. Sabrina tries to reach out to Calvin. Danni continues to be a strong advocate for Zac.
18 Bugaboo
Gary swoops in to help Andi in the nick of time. Karen holds firm to her convictions. Sabrina helps Maurice prepare for an exciting event. Danni has to decide her feelings about her new situation.
19 Give me the Night
Sabrina becomes an unlikely hero after stumbling upon a terrible incident. Andi fights back. Danni ventures out in an effort to put herself out there again
20 A Chance to Love
Gary's insecurities come to light. Karen and Zac find themselves in a familiar place. Danni finds herself the mediator between friends.
21 From the Balcony
The dating game has Danni at a disadvantage when her feelings get the best of her. Andi tries to be strong for Gary. Karen stands strong on her principles. Sabrina opens up in the midst of a tragedy.
22 The Yellow Dress
Gary and Jasmine confront each other and the gloves come off. Andi struggles to maintain her career. Karen is confronted by a new enemy. Sabrina growsfrustrated. Danni helps Zac work through some personal issues.
23 Home For A Queen
The ladies are concerned about Andi and her relationship choice as Andi's patience wears thin. Sabrina stands strong for all of her friends who seem to be under attack.
24 A Bad Feeling
The ladies grow worried about Andi and her relationship. Karen tries to figure outwhat she wants. Sabrina tends to Calvin in his time of need. Danni tries to move on from her hurt feelings.
25 The Long Road
Andi's world is turned upside down when new hidden revelations rise to the surface. Karen is in a fight for her life. Danni's love sick feelings come to the surface. Sabrina aims to protect the ones she loves.

About this show

Four beautiful African American girlfriends in their 30's navigate the zany world of dating in a present-day society.

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218 reviews
Lee R Cannady
October 26, 2021
I mistakenly found this show and have watched every season and every episode. They went into a mini intermittent and came back strong. I love all the characters! I just hope Maurice finds real true love, we need more relationship drama. Andi and Mr. light bright, hmmm. Keep Zack in a good place with Fatima.. I love Cray Cray Karen..Sabrina is so funny. I wanna see Preston on a date with the realtor and Dani see them...lmfao
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luciana shipp
April 15, 2020
I like the show a lot...I don’t really care for how WEAK Andi’s character is and also don’t like how when things can be simply explained no one speaks out. I don’t like how nieve Sabrina’s character is and I’d like Danni’s character to not be so extreme with every emotion however I thinks she’s really funny. I Feel Karen’s character is easily believable.I really love the sisterhood of these 4 black women I just think if these actresses can find a happy medium for there roles they play on the show this show could be a best. Can’t wait for next season. I pray there will be a better fitted relationship for Sabrina and I hope I see growth in Zac because I think he’s a really good actor/comedian. I wouldn’t change an actor...I believe the show is new and these actors all need this 1st season to get comfortable in there skin 👍
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A Google user
January 14, 2021
This show is so action filled that you will keep coming back each week for more and more. The story lines are relatable and interesting that gives it an edge over other drama shows on CBS and ABC etc. I anxiously await the new episodes for the new year.
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