60 Days In

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Season 1 episodes (14)

1 Unusual Suspects
Sheriff Jamey Noel has devised an unprecedented program to root out crime and corruption in the Clark County Jail.
2 First Timers
Sheriff Jamey Noel's program is underway. Zac, a Marine, Tami, a police officer, Robert, a teacher, and Barbra, a stay-at-home mom, are the first participants in. Will they make it through the first 24 hours inside?
3 Cell Shock
Isaiah, a 19-year-old from a rough neighborhood, and Maryum, a social worker and the eldest daughter of Muhammad Ali.
4 Fight Face
Jeff, the final participant, enters the jail. Isaiah and Robert fear their covers may be blown.
5 Friends Without Benefits
As the seven participants get deeper into the program, Zac's strength as an inmate is tested when he is unexpectedly called to court. Barbra strategically abandons a friendship with Tami in order to survive, and Jeff makes himself a target after a series of catastrophic mistakes.
6 Full Inmate
As the participants approach the midway point, tension and anger grow among the women in F-Pod, while one of the men finds himself in imminent danger from the inmates in C-Pod.
7 Pod Drama
Life in Clark County Jail gets harder for the participants as the days go by. Jeff is physically attacked by inmate Ricky.
8 Shakedown
As the participants cross the halfway point, increased tensions and drug activity in D-pod lead the Sheriff to order a CERT raid, while fear of a contagious rash sweeps through F-pod.
9 Alone for the Holidays
Thanksgiving presents new opportunities and challenges for the six remaining participants, and one of them is pushed to a breaking point.
10 Institutionalized
As the participants near the end of their time in jail, tension in F-Pod pushes one woman over the edge and compromises the program, while both men in D-Pod struggle to avoid criminal activity that may have serious consequences.
11 11th Hour
As pressure builds in each of the jail's pods, the five remaining participants in the program try to finish up their final few days inside.
12 Exodus
Three participants remain in Clark County Jail. One of the women in F-Pod is released, leaving Tami on the verge of a meltdown.
13 Aftermath
All seven participants meet for the first time to discuss their experience inside.
14 Where Are They Now?
Six months after the completion of an unprecedented program in Clark County Jail, all seven participants have returned to their lives unalterably changed.

About this show

60 Days In follows seven innocent civilians who pose as prisoners in an unprecedented and highly dangerous program at one of this country's toughest correctional facilities.

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411 reviews
Joe Citizen Hoe
March 26, 2016
Each episode is almost basically just a recap of the previous episode. I get on the edge of my seat and then the show is over. It's really jus ten min of content stretched into a 42 min episode. And the male volunteers are whimps. It's safer in jail then it is in the free world. Least you dnt have to worry about being shot.
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Sheri W
March 18, 2018
Angele is naive and self serving. She could've been killed in her sleep after exposing her role. People use / love / play for their reasons and she was definitely played - Gabrielle gave her up almost immediately. If Angele had been returned she would have paid a price. Thank goodness the production crew and sheriff pulled her immediately. Hopefully Angele will learn to think before acting in her future. She risked herself and everyone and if she fails to see that she will continue to make mistakes in her life.
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Jerilynn Upton
April 16, 2016
From the very beginning the lives of the volunteers as well as the actual inmates are interesting. Following the journey of the volunteers through their ability to have their perspectives changed and watching them learn that the inmates are not all bad people but yet actually good people that have made bad choices. Even though there are a few inmates that are just what they are and the way they are, it's still refreshing to see people learn and genuinely grow.
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