Total Dramarama

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Season 1v2 episodes (16)

1 Paint That a Shame/Snots Landing
Leshawna creates a paint balloon fight to decide who gets to come with her to an amusement park./Beth gets Courtney’s diorama furniture stuck up her nose and Courtney needs it back before the diorama contest judge arrives.
2 Know it All/A Licking Time Bomb
Courtney must go all day without correcting her friends which is hard because they do everything wrong!/Owen and Noah unwittingly become cookie moguls and must hide the secret ingredient, which is Owen’s spit from licking the sprinkles off the cookies.
3 From Badge to Worse/Snow Way Out
In order to earn her final Girl Campers badge Courtney must earn Gwen's friendship./Owen wants everyone to love his new snowsuit and envy him, but it's just not working out that way.
4 All Up In Your Drill/Toys Will Be Toys
Duncan stages a small coup to oust Courtney as their official class firefighter so that he can wear the shiny firefighter helmet until he smells smoke in the classroom and begs her to take her job back./Courtney becomes a toy tester but forgets that the most important thing is to have fun.
5 Stay Goth, Poodle Girl, Stay Goth/Gum and Gummer
Gwen accidentally brings a pink stuffed pony she loves to daycare and spends the day denying it's hers./Beth gets her gum stuck in Leshawna’s hair and has to get it out – without Leshawna finding out it’s there.
6 Invasion of the Booger Snatchers/Wristy Business
Harold believes that the picture day photographer is somehow turning the kids into well behaved zombies./Beth and Leshawna try to one-up each other with fake injuries as they compete for the attention and sympathy of the other kids at daycare.
7 Melter Skelter/The Never Gwending Story
When Chef tells Beth he won't buy the new super amazing toy she wants because they already have plenty to play with, she goes on a mission to get rid of their toys./When Chef loses the last page of the story-time book Gwen takes over and creates a monster that all the kids start to believe in.
8 Too Much of a Goo’d Thing/The Price of Advice
Beth refuses to believe that the adorable goo creature she's created out of slime is consuming the kids until she and Gwen are the only two left in class./After a paper origami fortune teller tells Izzy she's the world's best advice giver she's determined to prove it.
9 There Are No Hoppy Endings/Duncan Disorderly
Chef struggles to maintain his sanity when the kids continue to blame a stuffed rabbit named Hoppy for everything they do wrong./Duncan escapes during a community walk only to discover he has to babysit Cody and Bridgette.
10 Soother or Later/Mutt Ado About Owen
Duncan finally manages to break out only to realize he's forgotten his pacifier and needs to break back into the school to get it./After accidentally hypnotizing Owen into being a dog Harold thinks he must reverse the hypnosis to avoid going to jail.
11 Simons Are Forever/Mother of All Cards
Duncan and Leshawna try to take advantage of Izzy's love for the game of Simon Says./Chef attempts to trick the kids into making his mother gifts after he forgets Mother's Day.
12 Camping Is In Tents - Pt 1/Camping Is In Tents - Pt 2
A class camping trip turns into a treasure hunt while Harold is determined to catch Bigfoot and keep everyone safe (part 1)./A class camping trip turns into a treasure hunt while Harold is determined to catch Bigfoot and keep everyone safe (part 2).
13 Stop! Hamster Time/Driving Miss Crazy
Owen takes over the job of caring for the class hamster and learns that he's evil./Duncan leads Beth to believe she's broken his battery-powered bike and makes her chauffeur him around in a wagon for the day as punishment.
14 I’m The Eestah-Roo, Mate/Apoca-lice Now
After forgetting to book an actor to play the Easter Bunny for the kids Chef tries to pass off an Australian man dressed as a Kangaroo as a suitable substitute./When Chef brokers a truce with lice by selecting three kids to 'host' them on their heads, Courtney instigates a kid vs. lice war.
15 Gnome More Mister Nice Guy/Look Who's Clocking
When the daycare gets taken over by evil gnomes Duncan finds himself on the wrong team./When Harold's warnings not to mess with the clock go ignored, the kids are forced to save themselves when Duncan tears a hole in the fabric of time.
16 Harold Swatter and the Goblet of Flies/Stink. Stank. Stunk.
After finding what he believes to be a magic wand Owen accidentally turns Harold into a housefly./When a skunk comes seeking its annual revenge on Chef, Duncan sees it as an opportunity to get a vacation from daycare.

About this show

Total Drama Daycare goes back in time to re-introduce our favourite Total Drama Island cast members as four year-olds in a daycare center! They might be downsized… but their personalities aren’t. Inside these pint-sized bodies we’ll find the hilariously familiar characters we know and love - spending the day together at Happy Tots Daycare Centre. And Total Drama Island’s scary but loveable Chef is now (barely) in charge of everything.

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19 reviews
one poop
October 14, 2019
This show makes me kind da mad because I not use to it any more like when gwen kissed Jude it just wrong.
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Maryam Khadim
January 27, 2021
I love the show. Amazing quality and adorable characters. Gwen was kinda ripped of her kindness but.......Meh. Duncan was a, but it was mostly accurate
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Patrick Svensson
July 23, 2021
Why does it not have total drama!If it has this,then why does it not have total drama!This an outrage!!!😣😣😣
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