Diagnose Me

2015 • Discovery Life
10 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Too Loud to Live
A mother becomes a recluse when every sound becomes deafeningly loud; a man's career is in jeopardy when he gets drunk without touching a drop of alcohol.
2 Possessed by Demons
A successful businesswoman suddenly seems to become possessed by demons; A young college student battles monstrous pain when she grows fingernails out of her hair follicles.
3 All in Her Head?
A dad is accused of child abuse when doctors discover his baby has broken bones; a vibrant teenage girl is unable to eat and is wasting away before her mother's eyes.
4 Ballerina Interrupted
A young ballerina feels her life fade away when she mysteriously loses the use of her legs; a doctor is bedridden when she can't diagnose her own life-threatening illness.
5 Hungry to Death
A woman has seizures whenever she hears her favorite pop tunes; a young athlete loses all his body fat and almost starves to death, even though he can't stop eating.
6 Cold Blooded
A man faces amputation when a mystery disease turns his extremities black; a young woman develops paralyzing fears about ordinary objects.
7 Model Turned Monster
A beautiful model turns into a raging monster and starts attacking everyone around her; a man's life is nearly destroyed when he can't stop burping night and day.
8 Covered in Bugs
A woman's life is ruined by extreme sweating day and night; a young teacher prays to stop living when he feels invisible bugs crawling all over him.

About this show

Diagnose Me tells the incredible true stories of people struggling with baffling and life-threatening illnesses - and the doctors who successfully diagnose them when it seems all hope is lost.

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10 reviews
Amy Hufker
May 29, 2016
Awesome show. Very similar to Mystery Diagnosis only better because it is less repetitive; it is also similar Diagnosis: Dead or Alive only on this show every patient lives. Some more show that it is similar to is Mystery ER, and it is like a nonfiction version of the show House. I love medical show because it is the topic I perseverate on because of my Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 1 (AKA high functioning autism, FKA Asperger's Syndrome). If you like this show I would also recommend the show Untold Stories of The ER. Discovery Life (FKA Discovery Fit & Health AFKA Discovery Health) is my favorite channel. I love learning about rare medical conditions
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Meri Christmas Meriwether
June 1, 2015
Amazingly intriguing!!
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