The Real Housewives of New Jersey

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Season 3 episodes (21)

1 In the Name of the Father
The premiere episode ushers in the drama as the newest housewives, Melissa (Teresa's sister-in-law) and Kathy (Teresa's cousin) prepare for a family christening. Jacqueline's feelings of guilt and frustration boil over when her lunch with Ashley goes sour. A surprise outing with her sons, Albie and Chris, leaves Caroline in tears. Meanwhile Teresa focuses on saving her family from financial tortellini recipe at a time with her latest cookbook. A baby's blessed day becomes a nightmare when Teresa and her family arrive at the reception.
2 Drop Dead Gorgas
Tricks, treats, and tension rule the day when Halloween plays backdrop to the fallout from Melissa's christening gone bad. Jacqueline attempts to reason with Teresa when the infamous Posche Fashion Show makes its way to the Brownstone. The catwalk becomes the stage for drama when Kathy speaks her mind and gets a dose of Caroline's house rules.
3 Sealed With a Diss
Jacqueline is forced to confront the past when her damaged relationship with Ashley opens up old wounds. Caroline's boys finally leave the nest but a surprise roommate and shocking announcement from Lauren set the stage for the drama to come. Teresa takes the first steps toward reconciliation with Melissa and her brother, Joe, while Kathy attempts to convince Caroline that she's not the troublemaker in the group.
4 Gobblefellas
It is turkey time in New Jersey and resentment and regret are on the menu. The housewives divide as Teresa hosts a "Friendsgiving" for Jacqueline and Caroline's families and the Gorga's have their own feast with the Wakile's. Spending the holiday apart leaves Melissa and Kathy to wonder how they can bring the family back together.
5 Stick It
Melissa's life hits a high note as she lives out her dream of being a mother and pop star. Caroline attempts to take her motherly advice to the air waves while Jacqueline attempts to tune out Ashley's latest ploy to get a car. Kathy calls a sit down with her kids revealing a near death experience in the family. An unexpected phone call puts Teresa and her brother face to face for the first time since the Christening.
6 Whine and Dine
While Caroline serves up advice on her new radio show, the Gorga siblings table their issues in a sit down that opens fresh wounds. Kathy gets in Melissa's corner and Jacqueline mediates when round two of this family face off brings Teresa and Melissa to the Laurita doorstep.
7 Teresa's Got a Gun
After Teresa and Melissa attempt to bury the bedazzled hatchet, the Giuduce's, Laurita's, and Manzo's retreat to the Catskills for some guns and group prayer. Back in Jersey, Kathy kicks her cooking up a notch and goes restaurant shopping while Melissa gears up for a holiday dance recital that sets the stage for family reunion, sans Teresa.
8 Holidazed And Confused
The holidays in New Jersey are off to a less than peaceful start when tensions brew between Caroline's children and Kathy and Melissa find out if they have what it takes to be more than housewives. Jacqueline's holiday party sets the stage for new friendships between Melissa and the other ladies. Teresa and Joe try to keep the flame alive behind closed doors, while their financial woes play out in public.
9 Twas The Fight Before Christmas
Santa Claus is coming to New Jersey but there's no silent night when Melissa's holiday party whips everyone's tinsel into a tizzy . Kathy hopes to play nice with Teresa, but when the naughty Kim G attempts to stir the punch, the Manzo clan circles their sleighs.
10 There Arose Such a Clatter
The Manzo's have had it up to their tinsel with Kim G. when Chris Manzo finds himself caught between his family and loyalty to his oldest friend. Teresa and Kathy deck their halls in preparation for their dueling Christmas parties. Melissa and her husband make a decision that leaves Teresa with a blue Christmas.
11 A Very Jersey Christmas
Visions of sugarplums dance in the housewives' heads on Christmas morning. Santa brings all the women something nice but it's Caroline who gets something long overdue. Melissa deems herself the luckiest girl in Jersey while Teresa's Christmas ends on a sour note.
12 Auld Lang Syne For An Eye
It's a New Year and new beginnings for the housewives. Teresa stirs up trouble with her new cookbook while Melissa lives out her dream from the comfort of her home. Caroline's daughter Lauren pledges to lose weight in the new year while Jacqueline continues to worry about her daughter, Ashley. The annual Brownstone New Year's Eve party sets the stage for backstabbing and bold resolutions as the clock ticks toward midnight.
13 Child's Play No More
When Teresa and Melissa get their girls together for a play date it proves that adults don't always play as nice as the kids. Kathy and Rich decide that nature has blessed their daughter, but who's going to nurture her about "what boys want?" Meanwhile, Ashley gets a surprise visit from her father... only to realize both parents have more than a family reunion in mind.
14 Belly Up & Up
Jacqueline's relationship with Ashley hangs in the balance when their war of words brings her to a heartbreaking decision. Teresa's financial problems grow when a visit with her lawyer reveals a giant new debt. All of the housewives head to Kathy's house for a food tasting where Caroline gives Kathy more than rave reviews. When Teresa and Melissa threaten to wreck the party, Kathy's surprise guests shake things up.
15 Black as Ink
Caroline brims with pride when her sons, Chris and Albie, announce their plans to get rich by selling black water. Jacqueline tries to mask the pain when the grand opening for Lauren's cosmetic business brings her and her daughter Ashley face to face. Kathy hits the hookah with Jacqueline, Caroline and Melissa, meanwhile Teresa cries over spilled ink when her brother finally attends her book signing.
16 Singing in the Pain
The ladies trade in their heels for running shoes for a charity race that brings out Teresa's competitive side. Melissa debuts her song to a tough crowd in Hoboken. Teresa throws a birthday party for her daughter Milania, but Gia's surprise gift leaves the housewives speechless.
17 Get to the Punta!
The ladies leave Jersey for paradise as they travel to Punta Cana. Teresa gives Caroline and Al a VIP ticket to her sexy fashion show before the entire gang heads out on their private cruise. It's all bikinis, beer and booze until Kathy and Teresa come to blows on the beach.
18 An Inconvenient Truce
The streets of Punta Cana are treacherous in heels. While the ladies dodge the dead animals that line the open air market the guys bust balls on the course. Back in Jersey, Ashley makes memories that will last forever... at the tattoo shop. All the housewives come together for the launch of Chris and Albie's BLK water and a performance that puts Melissa's singing talents "on display."
19 Portrait of an Italian Family
Teresa and Melissa bring the family together for a photo that is sure to be worth a thousand words. Kathy makes a decision that shocks her family as Jacqueline and a surprise visitor attempt to salvage hers. Teresa's cookbook hits stands and the rest of the Housewives are none too pleased with some of the "recipes."
20 Reunion, Pt. 1
Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, part one brings Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile to discuss some of the most talked about antics of the season.
21 Reunion, Pt 2
Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, part two brings Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile to answer some of viewers most burning questions.

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The hair is big, but the drama is bigger. Building on the record-breaking success of the "Real Housewives" franchise, Bravo is heading to the Garden State for its newest installment, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." The series follows five of the most affluent Jersey Girls as they live lavish lifestyles and deal with all the drama that money can buy. For the first time in franchise history, the ladies are more than just friends -- joining the cast are two sisters, who are married to two brothers -- and one sister-in-law -- bringing a whole new level of familial drama to the table. While family remains a priority for each of these women, their shopping, decorating, dating and even fighting are all over-the-top.
1.58K reviews
A Google user
July 18, 2018
Well we all know that Melissa and Teresa are the most fake ones of all they don't like each other they never have always putting on an act just for the damn show they can't stand each other Teresa trying to ruin Melissa's life by doing all those nasty things and saying all those nasty things about her she can never be trusted I don't know why Melissa is always kissing her ass now trying to make it seem like she likes her when we all know damn well they don't like each other like they're the most fake ones of all it's really annoying and it makes me sick to my stomach just watching how fake they both are to one another as for Teresa she knows damn well that Joe was unfaithful messing around behind her back she's so stupid her kids are so foul mouth uneducated have no manners whatsoever or no respect towards their parents or other adults the apple don't fall too far from the tree cuz they learned it from their nasty parents ugly attitudes sad that to watch kids be so disrespectful and foul mouth and someone out of control I feel sorry for Teresa she's not changed she's the same ugly nasty psychotic jealous envious person she was before maybe even worse I feel very sorry for that snake full of jealousy and nasty hate she will receive all the nasty Karma she produces and not ALL the money in the world can make her a better or happy person it shows she is not a happy person and she will never be a good hearted happy loving person she will always a be nasty envious hateful human being. Melissa is like her dumb puppet kissing and defending her nasty #ss how stupid cam stupid be?? And cry babu Siggy is a mentally challenged annoying as hell!.. Jacqueline and family, Carolyne and family and Kathy and family, Rosie are the only normal and are they So Real LOVE them! ans The rest of the cast are very nice i like them, except that Amber dont like her never have liked that chick i have no words for that chick!
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Billie Tauber
August 27, 2016
The first season was definetly the best one yet. They need to bring Caroline back with her family and Jacklyn you need to just forget about Teresa she has never really been a true friend to you like you are to her, I love all of them but they really need to say goodbye to Teresa inless she changes and becomes a good person.
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May 18, 2021
Show is fine. But I've purchased the full season (11) and all working fine until episode 12 and haven't been able to watch new episodes or past episodes in the season since. Not an issue at my end as I can watch other shows via Google Play just not this one. Google Play won't provide me with a refund as not providing me with what I paid for for over two weeks doesn't meet their policies. Almost impossible to contact anyone. Not really satisfactory at all. Happens a lot you buy something on Google Play easily but provided whenever and now not provided. Not cool.
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