My Wife And Kids
Season 2

Season 2

1. Mom's Away Part 1

Sep 26, 2001
Michael is left in charge of the house when Janet leaves.

2. Mom's Away Part 2

Sep 26, 2001
Family issues keep Mike busy.

3. No Rules

Oct 3, 2001
Michael decides to let the kids do as they please.

4. Perfect Dad

Oct 10, 2001
The children confront their father with a description of the ideal dad.

5. Thru Thick and Thin

Oct 17, 2001
Michael remains silent about Janet's obvious weight gain.

6. He Heard, She Heard

Oct 24, 2001
Michael teaches Claire a lesson after she sneaks out of the house.

7. Michael's Garden

Oct 31, 2001
Janet convinces Michael to have a medical procedure.

8. Let Them Eat Pie

Nov 7, 2001
Jr. dares Claire to eat Michael's slice of lemon meringue pie.

9. Jay Gets Fired

Nov 14, 2001
Jay loses her job and becomes a homemaker.

10. The Whole World Is Watching

Nov 21, 2001
Michael and Janet's romantic overtures are seen on the Internet.

11. Letting Go

Nov 28, 2001
Michael accidentally kills the school hamster.

12. Learning to Earn It

Dec 12, 2001
Michael is thrilled when the children start their own businesses.

13. Quality Time

Jan 16, 2002
Marriage counselors back Michael's belief that he's entitled to time alone.

14. Get Out

Jan 23, 2002
Michael tries to get his family dressed and to a wedding in 15 minutes.

15. Road Trip

Jan 30, 2002
A trip to Paul Revere's house tests the family's nerves.

16. Table for Too Many Part 1

Feb 6, 2002
Janet convinces Mike to go to a Japanese restaurant.

17. Table for Too Many Part 2

Feb 6, 2002
Michael and the family head to a Japanese restaurant for dinner.

18. Double Date

Feb 13, 2002
Michael agrees to let Claire go on her first date with Tony.

19. Failure to Communicate

Feb 22, 2002
Michael tries to get his parents to speak to each other again.

20. Papa Said Knock You Out

Feb 27, 2002
Junior asks Michael for boxing lessons.

21. Return of the Wall

Mar 4, 2002
Michael steps in to save Kady's soccer team from Janet's coaching style.

22. Working Relationship

Mar 20, 2002
Michael seeks advice on how to handle Janet's office persona.

23. Jr. Kyle, Boy Genius

Mar 27, 2002
Janet and Michael are astounded when their son shines on an IQ test.

24. Back Story

Apr 3, 2002
Michael pretends to injure his back playing Twister.

25. Make Over

May 1, 2002
Junior tries to steal a bra from the girls' locker room.

26. The Bowling Show

May 8, 2002
Michael bowls against his archenemy Stu Tyler.

27. Jr. Gets His License

May 15, 2002
Jr. buys a clunker instead of the practical car Michael recommends.

28. The Anniversary Part 1

May 22, 2002
Janet thinks Michael plans to golf on their anniversary.

29. The Anniversary Part 2

May 22, 2002
Janet thinks Michael plans to golf on their anniversary.


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