Insane Or Inspired?
Season 1

Season 1

1. 25 Wildest Homebrewed Superheroes

May 25, 2012
In the premiere episode, 25 Wildest Homebrewed Superheroes showcases some of the most impressive, creative, and hilarious feats of backyard bravery and ingenuity! These fearless, everyday individuals attempt feats seen only in the pages of comic books, like making flames shoot of your hands and constructing zombie-killing machete-slingshots. Through it all, our cast of comedians and television personalities will break down the genuinely amazing to the amazingly wild.

2. 25 Craziest Backyard Inventions

Jun 1, 2012
Since invention is the gateway to the future, "25 Craziest Backyard Inventions" will showcase the world's most fascinating and ridiculous backyard trailblazers. Whether it's creating a stratosphere-reaching rocket or a failed attempt at designing a homemade jet pack, these DIY inventors will stop at nothing to see their dreams become reality. Our cast of comedians and TV personalities will break down every bizarre and brilliant moment, making you not want to miss a single fiery failure or truly amazing invention!

3. 25 Biggest Backyard Stunts

Jun 8, 2012
During "25 Biggest Backyard Stunts", everyday men and women will strive to push the boundaries of creativity (and safety) to make their ingenious backyard stunts even more outrageous. From a man who rope swings from a national monument to a guy on fire who proposes to his girlfriend, buckle up for an hour of extreme homebrewed attempts gone wild!

4. 25 Awesomely Ingenious Ideas

Jun 15, 2012
There are good ideas and there are bad ideas. And then there are ideas that make you say WTF! 25 Awesomely Ingenious Ideas takes you on a wild ride to flaunt the most fantastic, frenzied and foolish endeavors caught on tape. With little experience, but lots of hope, these backyard DIYers stop at nothing to see their creative ideas come true. From building a homemade tank to a windy standoff with a jet engine, these geniuses use their heads to keep you entertained!

5. 25 Ingenious Mechanical Marvels

Jun 22, 2012
25 INGENIOUS MECHANICAL MARVELS takes an extraordinary look at the biggest, boldest, and most bizarre mechanical creations out there. From an inventive steampunk jungle cat, to a baby-driven motor-cart, to a device that can electronically mimic a kiss, this episode will showcase the remarkable depths of human ingenuity. Strap in for one hour of imagination gone right. . . and oh, so wrong.

6. 25 Most Outrageous Oversized Objects

Jun 29, 2012
In this finale episode, 25 Most Outrageous Oversized Objects takes an eye popping look at the largest creations of the human imagination. From a massive guitar-shaped bicycle to the world's largest handheld yo-yo, it's an hour packed with everything genius and giant rolled in to one. Make room for this titan of a show that proves size does matter.


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