Season 1

Season 1

101. Pilot

Aug 13, 2007
In the series premiere, Hank is dismayed when he sees the film version of his acclaimed novel. He agrees to a blind date arranged by his agent that goes horribly awry, and learns that his ex-girlfriend Karen is engaged to another man.

102. Hell-A Woman

Aug 20, 2007
Hank reluctantly accepts a blogger gig for a hip L.A. web site, and endures a dinner party with Karen and her fiance, Bill, that yields a scandalous romp with a sexy Scientologist.

103. The Whore of Babylon

Aug 27, 2007
Hank ponders whether or not to continue his blogging job after he discovers the identity of the web site's owner. Charlie's relationship with his assistant takes a surprising turn.

104. Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser

Sep 3, 2007
The fiercely apolitical Hank is dragged to an environmental fundraiser at Charlie's agency, where he briefly displays his gallant side to both Meredith and Karen, and inadvertently discovers his agent's dirty little assistant secret.

105. LOL

Sep 10, 2007
A point of modern linguistic style comes between Meredith and Hank. Becca and Karen both have a crush on a cool guitar teacher but Mia breaks both their hearts.

106. Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Sep 17, 2007
Becca's impressive musical performance at a rock concert leads to a romantic, booze-fueled moment for Hank and Karen, but it doesn't last. Charlie's dalliance with his assistant is nearly discovered by Marcy.

107. Girls, Interrupted

Sep 24, 2007
Hank makes peace with his archenemy, Todd, and lands Karen a designing gig in the process, but a dilemma with Mia interrupts their temporary domestic bliss. Charlie attempts a disastrous threesome with his wife and assistant.

108. California Son

Oct 1, 2007
Hank receives bad news about his father and embarks on a grief-stricken bender of booze, drugs, and even a prostitute, as he remembers the last time they saw each other.

109. Filthy Lucre

Oct 8, 2007
A manuscript for a new novel and a royalty check from his movie inspire Hank to go on a spending spree, but his purchases don't have the desired effect on his life.

110. The Devil's Threesome

Oct 15, 2007
A boxing movie turns into a mini-orgy for Hank and his new roommate Charlie, but their ecstasy soon turns to agony.

111. Turn the Page

Oct 22, 2007
Bombshells start dropping on all fronts: Hank discovers Mia is peddling his book as her own, and she threatens to reveal their one-night stand if he reclaims his work; Becca tells Karen she wants to go live with her father.

112. The Last Waltz

Oct 29, 2007
In the season finale, the wedding of Karen and Bill provides the impetus for emotional crises and revelations that threaten to derail the entire ceremony, unless Hank can put everything right.


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