Season 4

Season 4

401. Exile on Main St.

Jan 9, 2011
In the season four premiere, Hank is bailed out of jail to find that his literary sex scandal has made him the toast of Hollywood and the target of a lawsuit, as well as estranged him from Karen and Becca.

402. Suicide Solution

Jan 16, 2011
Hank polishes off a day of flaky neediness with a creative meeting about his potential new movie that ends with him hiding in a starlet's bathroom and accidentally overdosing on booze and sleeping pills.

403. Home Sweet Home

Jan 23, 2011
Hank takes advantage of the misperception that he tried to commit suicide and moves back home with Karen and Becca, but his daughter knows the truth. Charlie sets out to reach a sexual benchmark while a wealthy producer pursues Marcy.

404. Monkey Business

Jan 30, 2011
A meeting to discuss Hank's recently completed movie script ends with a billionaire dead in a bathroom. Marcy suspects that she might be pregnant, and Karen meets a potential new boyfriend in the artist father of one of Becca's bandmates.

405. Freeze-Frame

Feb 6, 2011
After a personal grooming mishap, Charlie discovers that his vasectomy was botched and that Marcy's baby could be his. Hank's relationship with lawyer Abby gets more personal but a good deed yields a compromising photo that could ruin Hank's life.

406. Lawyers, Guns and Money

Feb 13, 2011
A sensational photo derails Hank's case and threatens to destroy his movie project until his sincere love for Becca rescues his career, while Karen resuscitates her ex-husband's relationship with his beautiful lawyer.

407. The Recused

Feb 20, 2011
Forced by her relationship with Hank to recuse herself as his lawyer, Abby pitches the case to a senior partner on the golf course. Hank is dismayed by Karen's growing relationship with artist Ben. Marcy and Stu ask Charlie to help them pitch a TV project.

408. Lights. Camera. Asshole

Feb 27, 2011
Hank takes a gig rewriting dialogue on a zombie sequel but threatens his job when he hooks up with a sexy woman with close ties to the film's female lead.

409. Another Perfect Day

Mar 6, 2011
Evicted from his apartment, Hank moves back in with Karen and Becca while he prepares for his trial and teaches his daughter to drive.

410. The Trial

Mar 13, 2011
A nervous Hank discovers that he's got good reason to panic when his trial turns into an all-out character assassination, with even friendly witnesses Charlie and Karen unable to portray him as anything other than a drunken, oversexed lout.

411. The Last Supper

Mar 20, 2011
When the verdict doesn't go Hank's way, he buys a used Porsche and considers fleeing from Los Angeles, but instead enjoys one last night in the company of his friends and family.

412. ...And Justice For All

Mar 27, 2011
In the season four finale, the lines between Hank's real life and the movie based on his life blur. The film's star hits on his ex-wife and he feels stirrings of passion for the actress hired to play Karen.


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