The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe

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Season 1 episodes (4)

1 Episode 1
John and Anne Darwin face bankruptcy and ruin, but John has a cunning plan that will upend their lives completely.
2 Episode 2
John successfully applies for a fake passport to create a new identity, while forcing Anne to demand an inquest into his death so that they can get the insurance payout.
3 Episode 3
John has had enough of being dead and returns to England, to declare he is suffering from amnesia. Journalists hunt down Anne in Panama, and their story starts to unravel.
4 Episode 4
The truth emerges when John and Anne are interviewed by the police. The case goes to trial where Anne pleads not guilty on the grounds of marital coercion.

About this show

The extraordinary true story of the Canoe Man, John Darwin, and his wife Anne Darwin, who together perpetrated one of the most elaborate, devastating and surreal fake death frauds of all time. Faking his death in a canoe accident off the coast of Seaton Carew, North East England, John lived for five years undetected in a bedsit connecting to his wife's bedroom. Both of them reaped the rewards of his life insurance and plotted a new life together in Panama. All the while their two adult sons believed John to be dead. But soon it all unravelled. A darkly comic true crime story of a coercive marriage and an unforgivable betrayal.

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