Married to Medicine: Houston

2016 • BRAVO
19 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Houston, We Have a Problem
Rachel has high hopes when Houston's premiere philanthropist invites her to co-chair one of the biggest charity events of the year. A subtle dig cuts deep when comments made by the mentor offend the young apprentice. Newly-minted plastic surgeon Erika is enjoying the spoils of her career; but, the biological clock is ticking. Ashandra makes it look easy balancing her dental practice with her newly-blended family.
2 Holi Moly
Rachel, Erika and Ashandra are torn when Monica and Elly invite the ladies to conflicting cultural celebrations that fall on the same day. The group's efforts to attend both events leave Elly furious and Monica agitated. Erika is still concerned about how motherhood might affect her career and explores unconventional fertility options. Ashandra's spending habits begin to upset her husband. Rachel takes her reluctant mother to see Elly for a hearing test.
3 Boiling Point
The group gathers for Rachel’s annual crawfish boil. Imad’s refusal to commit pushes Monica over the edge as Monica’s refusal to apologize to Elly puts a damper on the festivities.
4 Sorry Not Sorry
Monica attempts to convince a resistant Rachel to reconcile with Cindi Rose. Erika and Derek share their unconventional fertility plans with his conservative family. Ashandra may be in over her head after agreeing to help out her church with a public health project.
5 War at the Roses
An elegant Shabbat dinner at Cindi's turns ugly. Disinclined to attend Cindi's dinner, Rachel hosts a girls' night out of her own with Ashandra and Elly who's still reeling from the disparaging remarks Monica made about her. Maribel attracts a suitor after dipping her toes for the first time into the online dating pool.
6 Raging Dr. Elly
Already on edge after laying things on the line with Imad, Monica is blindsided during a girls' day brunch when Elly finally confronts her. The argument threatens to tear the entire group apart as everyone is forced to take sides. Erika and Derek receive more unfortunate news in their quest to conceive. Rachel feels like she has a child of her own thanks to Maribel's latest antics.
7 Monica in Waiting
Monica has delivered an ultimatum, but has Imad come back to town with the answer she wants to hear? Rachel and Ashandra enlist one of Houston's most eccentric self-made moguls to bring the heat to Ashandra's Havana Nights fundraiser. Erika transforms a patient's life and Monica and Elly attempt to repair their fractured relationship. Ashandra skips Cindi Rose's Kentucky Derby Hat Party and Cindi is left speechless when she finds out why.
8 Takes Two to Sparkle
A double-date with Erika and Derek unexpectedly leads to a revelation for Monica. A death in the family threatens to derail Elly's birthday celebration. Rachel's patience is tested yet again when she learns that Cindi Rose is sprouting accusations about her. As self-appointed chief of the fashion police, Maribel places Erika under arrest.
9 I Left My Heart in San Antonio
Ashandra pulls out all the stops for her Havana Nights fundraiser, looking for big donors with deep pockets. Meanwhile, Erika weighs her options when it comes to having children. Monica makes a rash decision, surprising Imad in San Antonio, hoping to find out once and for all if marriage is in her future.
10 An Indecent Proposal
A tense lunch summit between Monica, her mother, and Imad becomes hard to stomach but yields surprising results. After coming up short for her Havana Nights fundraiser, Ashandra refocuses her goals for the Wellness Center. A Bollywood charity event hosted by Cindi Rose brings all the ladies together and Rachel tries to find some piece of mind with Maribel. Monica becomes so swept up in the party that she does not realize that Imad might be finally ready to commit to her.

About this show

Married to Medicine's hit franchise ventures to Texas for "Married to Medicine Houston." The series follows five driven young women as they strive to advance their careers and expand their enviable lifestyles within the largest medical community in the country. After many strenuous years of training and sacrifice, these physicians and spouses of doctors are eager to finally enjoy the fruits of their labor. But life beyond the health world provides its own set of challenges. These enterprising women tackle marriage, kids, family and the immensely competitive social circles of the Houston medical scene.

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19 reviews
Lairma Lewis
March 26, 2017
LOVE all season
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alisha shanstrom
September 18, 2018
Make another season already!!!! PLEASE!
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A Google user
March 21, 2019
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