My Shopping Addiction
Season 1

Season 1

1. Heather / Roshanda

Oct 15, 2012
Heather's limitless spending has put her multi-million dollar fortune in jeopardy; Roshanda angers her friends and family by borrowing money to feed her addiction to dollar stores.

2. Jannae / Anna

Oct 22, 2012
Addicted to NYC retail, Anna can't stop shopping even though she faces eviction; Jennae is a college dropout who blows all her money shopping instead of paying her aunt rent.

3. Sarah / Tawnie

Oct 29, 2012
Sarah, a former millionaire, is now addicted to thrift stores and dumpster diving; Tawnie, a Barbie obsessed model, is $50,000 in debt and will lose her fiancé if she can't curb her spending.

4. Seth / Ashley

Nov 12, 2012
Image-obsessed Seth is squandering his parent's retirement savings and creating a family crisis. Meanwhile, Ashley is unemployed and left with nowhere to live after getting kicked out of her house for excessive shopping.

5. Natela / Judyann

Nov 19, 2012
Label-obsessed Natela is asked to choose between her boyfriend and the bag of her dreams. Meanwhile, Judyann spends her cash tips from waitressing on shopping and now faces eviction.

6. Marceia / Greg

Nov 26, 2012
Dress-obsessed Marceia is $100,000 in debt and regularly risks eviction. Meanwhile 24-year-old Greg can't stop shopping despite being unemployed, in debt and living off his younger sister.

7. Alexandra / Sabrina

Dec 3, 2012
Former rich kid, Alexandria, will have to give up her modeling career and move back to Texas if she can't curb her shopping; Raised in a family of shopaholics, Sabrina is on the verge of declaring bankruptcy like her mother and sister.

8. Elizabeth / Lili

Dec 10, 2012
Elizabeth is shopping away her son's college tuition and allowing her purchases to take over her home. Lili's excessive spending is destroying her relationship with her disapproving mother.


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