Fraggle Rock Animated
Season 1

Season 1

1. The Great Radish Round Up / Lucky Fargy

Sep 12, 1987
The Gorgs decide to stop planting radishes and plant only Binoony Berries, which Fraggles can't stand. The Fraggles and the Doozers both come up with plans to get the Gorgs to plant radishes again. / Wembley drops Boober's lucky Rag-Fraggle, Fargy, down the Deep Deep Dark Dark Deep Dark Pit and the two little Fraggles have a wild adventure trying to rescue it.

2. A Fraggle For All Seasons / A Growing Relationship

Sep 19, 1987
Mokey searches for a "Fraggle for all Seasons" — the most Fragglish Fraggle of all. / Red is determined to have the best plant for Green Tail Day, a plant contest in Fraggle Rock, so she cultivates a tiny seedling from Outer Space. But the roots of the strange plant grow out of control and take over Fraggle Rock.

3. Big Trouble For A Little Fraggle / Necessity Is The Fraggle of Invention

Sep 26, 1987
Wembley, the smallest Fraggle, wishes he were bigger. But a magical stone causes him to grow so big that he must move out of Fraggle Rock and into the land of Gorgs. / Indecisive Wembley has a hard time coming up with an invention for Fantastic Fraggle Think-Up Day, but eventually his creation saves Marjory, the Trash Heap, from impending doom.

4. No Fraggle Is An Island Part One, No Fraggle Is An Island Part Two

Oct 3, 1987
Boober gets "fed up" because Fraggle Rock is too crowded, so the Fraggles decide to move far away and each live alone. / When a Giant Slurp takes over the deserted Fraggle Rock, the lonely Fraggles rally to reclaim their home so they can all live together again.

5. Gobo's Song / Wembley And The Bemble

Oct 7, 1987
Since none of the other Fraggles see the value in maps, Gobo decides that making maps may not be so important after all. But Cantus the Minstrel helps him change his mind by transporting Gobo through a dream to the time of the Ancient Fraggles, a time before there were any maps at all. / When the Fraggle Storyteller tells the legend of the mythical, scary monster Bemble, Wembley becomes frightened. To cure him of his fears, the Fraggles concoct a scheme to make Wembley believe he has conquered a real Bemble, which is really Gobo in disguise.

6. The Best Of The Best / Where No Fraggle Has Gone Before

Oct 17, 1987
Red's competitive desire to be the "Best of the Best" results in her friends' capture by Junior Gorg. To save them, Red challenges Junior to a final "Best of the Best" contest in an attempt to outwit the giant. / Gobo becomes a celebrity when he announces that he and Wembley are going to climb to the Top of the Universe, the tallest spire of the Gorg's castle. But Gobo gets so caught up in his fame that he makes a dangerous mistake and almost ends up in the hands of the angry Gorgs.

7. Ambassador Gorg / Homebody Matt

Oct 24, 1987
Junior Gorg is sent on a mission by Pa to invite "the enemy" to dinner. But when Junior can't find anyone to invite, he stuffs the torn up invitation into the entrance of Fraggle Rock. Junior lies to his parents, telling them that he delivered the invitation. But unbeknownst to him, the Fraggles find the invitation and decide to take the Gorgs up on their tasty offer. / When Gobo's Uncle Traveling Matt gets struck on the head, he forgets that he's an explorer and returns home to Fraggle Rock. Gobo tries everything to get Matt to continue his explorations, but Matt just wants to stay home in bed.

8. Laundry Never Lies / What Boober's Nose Knows

Oct 31, 1987
Boober has the ability to "read" laundry and know exactly what a Fraggle has been doing. When he reads one of Red's sweaters, he's horrified to deduce that she's in great danger. He leads his friends on a terrifying adventure to rescue Red from certain disaster, and his only clue to her whereabouts, is the sweater. / The ties between the Gorgs and the Fraggles are explored as we discover the relationship of the dried-up Sweetwater Lake in Fraggle Rock and the tasty Yumberries harvested by the Gorgs once every eon.

9. Mokey's Flood Of Creaitivity / What The Doozers Did

Nov 7, 1987
Mokey's poetic reading of her newly-written "Ode to Water" seems to be the cause of a major flood in the Rock. Ultimately she decides to read the poem backwards to make the water go away again. In Outer Space, we see that Doc and Sprocket are coping with water problems of their own, which are really causing the flood. / Cotterpin Doozer saves the day for the Doozers as the little creatures discover their own unique way of dealing with the Fraggle Rock Flood.

10. Red's Drippy Dilemma / Fraggle Babble

Nov 14, 1987
Red learns the importance of not shirking her responsibility when she gets so caught up in preparing her Water Extravaganza Show, that she ignores a leaking pipe in the Swimming Hole. / Mokey, as guardian of the Dictionary of Fraggle Babble, encourages all the Fraggles to use their own made-up words to communicate with each other — but the result is chaos.

11. Fraggle Fool's Day / Wembley's Trip To Outer Space

Nov 21, 1987
Red gets caught up in playing practical jokes on Fraggle Fool's Day, but her biggest joke backfires, trapping her and Mokey in the land of the Gorgs. / Wembley has a Wemblatonic Fit which leaves him in a daze and the only cure is to scare the living daylights out of him.

12. The Radish Fairy / The Funniest Joke In The Universe

Dec 5, 1987
Red convinces Junior that she's really the Radish Fairy and that he should give lots of radishes to the Fraggles. But the plan doesn't seem as good after all, when a surplus of radishes soon fills the Rock. / When his friends can't stop laughing at the incredibly dangerous Funniest Joke in the Universe, humorless Boober, who doesn't get the joke and is therefore immune to it, has to lead the hysterical Fraggles on an adventure to find an antidote.

13. The Great Fraggle Freeze Part One, The Great Fraggle Freeze Part Two

Dec 12, 1987
When the heat goes out in Doc's workshop, it has a chilling effect on Fraggle Rock. Gobo sets out on a mission to the center of the Mystical Magical Maze to set things right again. / Gobo's adventure in the Maze finally leads him to the center where we see just how close the ties are between our world of Outer Space and Fraggle Rock.


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