Girlfriend Confidential: LA
Season 1

Season 1

1. Nobody's Housewives

Sep 3, 2012
Making it in L.A. is difficult, but finding the right friends is even harder. Eva Marcille is lucky to have Denyce Lawton, Nikki Chu and Kelly Marie Dunn as her best friends, but these girls aren't afraid to keep it real - even if that means drama.

2. Fireworks

Sep 10, 2012
Denyce's friendship with the girls is put to the test when Denyce loses her cool at football player, Terrell Owens', house party. With all the girls humiliated by her display, will their friendship last amongst Denyce's drama?

3. Friendtervention

Sep 17, 2012
As Eva prepares for an audition of a lifetime, she's thrown a curveball that makes her consider a new career path. Nikki's estranged father is ready to reunite, but she must decide if she's ready. Meanwhile, Denyce fights rumors of a bad reputation.

4. So Emotional

Sep 24, 2012
Eva's career is in limbo as she anxiously awaits a career-changing phone call while Kelly takes a risk and decides to manage an R&B artist. Meanwhile, Denyce gets a second chance with her career and Nikki gives her father a chance to make up for lost time.

5. Closure

Oct 1, 2012
Eva's relationship with Anthony is put to the test, Nikki receives shocking news from her father about her past, Kelly brings a man to his knee at her birthday party and Denyce gets devastating news about her brother's murder.

6. Not So Fast

Oct 8, 2012
Eva prepares for her one-year anniversary with Anthony. Kelly is hired to rebrand a new R&B artist. Nikki is being pressured to take the next steps in her love life. In an effort to heal, Denyce pays homage to her brother by getting a tattoo.


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